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Post Assault Examination

What will be included in a post sexual assault examination?

A will consist of treatment of medical needs, and prevention treatment.

A forensic medical exam may be performed at a hospital or other healthcare facility, by a sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE), sexual assault forensic examiner (SAFE) or another medical professional. This exam is complex and on average, takes 3-4 hours.

Even if you do not have any visible physical injuries, you may be at risk of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease (women may also be at risk for pregnancy).

A sexual assault victim has the option to have a Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (SAFE) (commonly referred to as "rape exam") without filing a police report

Get medical care as soon as possible. Go to a hospital emergency department or student health services that provide treatment for sexual assault victims. Even if you think that you do not have any physical injuries, you should still have a medical examination and discuss with a health care provider the risk of exposure to sexually transmitted infections. Student Health Services provides medical treatment and follow-up care for all registered students.

A medical professional will write down the victim’s history including medications being taken and preexisting conditions unrelated to the assault

Next there is a head-to-toe, examination and assessment of the entire body (including an internal examination).

This may include collection of blood, urine, hair samples, photo documentation of any injuries (such as bruises, cuts and scraped skin), collection of clothing

The medical professional will speak about treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that may have been exposed during the assault.

Depending on the hospital and state, the victim may receive referrals for follow-up counseling, community resources and follow-up medical care.

The victim has the right to accept or decline any or all parts of the exam. However, it is important to remember that critical evidence may be missed if not collected.

After the forensic medical exam is performed and the evidence is collected and stored in the kit, the victim will be able to take a shower, brush their teeth, etc. — all while knowing that the evidence has been preserved to aid in a criminal prosecution if so desired.