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How to Protect Yourself:
It is not possible for victims to prevent an attacker from committing a crime. It is never the victim's fault when he or she is attacked. There are, however, some risk-reducing behaviors that may help protect individuals from becoming victims. Among these risk-reducing behaviors are:
• Never accept beverages, including non-alcoholic ones, from someone not known or trusted well.

• Keep track of your drink at parties.

• Never leave your drink unattended--get a new one if you do.

• Never drink from open beverage containers, including punch bowls at parties.

• In a bar or restaurant, accept drinks only from the bartender or wait staff.

• Be aware of what's going on around you! Watch out for your friends. If someone appears disproportionately drunk for the amount of alcohol consumed, be concerned and closely monitor the person's behavior.

• Staying sober. Many date rapes involve drugs or alcohol, and sometimes a date might slip drugs like rohypnol or GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) into a drink to make a person more vulnerable.