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Test Yourself:

Question #1:
If a person goes to someone’s room she assumes the risk of sexual assault. If something happens, she can’t claim that she was raped or sexually assaulted because she should have known not to go to someone’s room. True or False?

Fact :  False

This “assumption of risk” wrongfully places the responsibility of the offender’s action on to  the victim. Even if a person goes voluntarily to someone’s room and consented to engage in some sexual activity, it does not serve as a blanket consent for ALL sexual activity When someone says “No” or“Stop” that means STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Question #2:

It’s not sexual assault if it happens after drinking or taking drugs. True or False?

Fact: False

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is NOT an invitation for non-consensual sexual activity. A person under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not cause others to assault them; others choose to take advantage of the situation and sexually assault them because they are in a vulnerable situation which is considered a crime.

 Remember: One wrong answer can change your life forever.