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Textbook Loan Program
Textbook Loan Program
Available to all permanent ECU staff and faculty, and their eligible dependent children and spouses.

Textbook Loan Program FAQ
Criteria for Participation
Loan Program Deadline Schedules
Loan Program Agreement
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ECU Business Services Textbook Loan Program
A cooperative venture between ECU Vending Services and Dowdy Student Stores.

Available to permanent ECU staff and faculty, or their eligible dependent children or spouse.

The primary source of communication for the textbook loan program is through E-mail and the ECU Announce List.  

Notification will be sent by E-mail via the ANNOUNCE listserv when textbook loan books may be picked up.  In addition, courtesy reminders may be sent via Announce regarding application deadlines, textbook deadline return dates, and other important deadline dates or notifications. Program participants are responsible for keeping up with deadlines and due dates. 

Those interested in the Textbook Loan Program, are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the Announce listserv. Instructions are available by clicking here

It is not the responsibility of Dowdy Student Stores or Business Services to ensure that every employee of the University is individually notified of application and book return deadlines for the Textbook Loan Program.

Textbook Loan Application Process:
1)  Download the PDF application and submit it to the Dowdy Student Stores in the Wright Building or the Brody Medical Bookstore as soon as you know you plan to register for class, and prior to the deadline for the term. If completing the application online, be sure to print the completed file before closing, as the data will not be saved with the file. 

Applications must be submitted by the program deadline, and the following supporting paperwork can be submitted as soon as it is available to you and is not subject to a deadline date:

- One copy of your "receipt for payment" from Banner or OneStop

- Your complete textbook listing from OneStop indicating if a book is Optional or Required.
     -Log on to ECU'sOneStop
     -Under the "Tools Tab" in the "Courses" category select "Textbook Listing"
     -Select your current semester term

2) Email your supporting paperwork to TEXTBOOKLOAN@ECU.EDU or bring your supporting paperwork to the Dowdy Student Store in the Wright Building or the Medical Bookstore in Brody 1S-04.

3) To obtain your book(s), visit the business office in the Dowdy Student Stores for your approved application form. Choose the required textbooks for your courses. At check-out, present a copy of the approved application and booklist.

4) Books must be returned by the deadline specified on the form, which is three business days following the final exam for each course.


...  You are required to sign an agreement stating that you will return loaned books within three business days following the final exam, or immediately upon withdrawal from the course or separation of employment from the university, whichever comes first. The replacement cost of the books will be due if the books are not returned in satisfactory condition by the date specified.

...  A separate completed textbook loan application must be filled out for each semester and for each person in the family who plans to apply. Semesters include Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and Summer 2, and the 11-week summer term.

...  There is a cap of $250 in retail price of books to be borrowed for Fall, Spring, and the 11-week summer term; and a $125 cap for each Summer 1 and Summer 2 term.

...  If submitting paperwork close to the beginning of the term for which you are applying, please allow 3 business days to process before picking up books. 

... Only ONE application per employee will be accepted, effective Fall Semester 2010.  If both a wife and husband are employed by ECU, each employee is allowed one application.

...  Notification will be sent by email via the ANNOUNCE listserv when textbook loan applications are approved and books may be picked up. (
Click here for directions on how to subscribe to the ECU Announce List.)


If you have any questions, please email: TEXTBOOKLOAN@ECU.EDU.