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Book Buyback Information

ECU Dowdy Student Stores offers a book buyback service at the end of each semester, paying you top dollar for most used books.


More CASH for your books at Dowdy

Picture ID is requiredPlease do not sell any RENTAL textbooks by mistake!  Remember to check the return due date for any rental books you may have and return by the deadlines.  Rental books, rented at Dowdy or through the Dowdy web site, can be returned to Dowdy, but please do not try to sell them.


Select the store buyback link below.

Enter your 13-digit ISBN, these numbers begin with 978 or 290.

Prices are based on the book being used again for the next semester and store need.

You must bring your book and picture ID to our store or remote locations (when available).

Distance Education Students will find information about Book Buyback here.

In Store Buyback Quote
Prices are subject to change, please visit our store or remote location for more information.

For additional questions contact Dowdy Student Stores at 252.328.6731 or contact us online.