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DIGITAL ARCHIVE --Technology Advancement Center





Final approval was granted on June 15, 2005 by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs to change the name of the Center for Wireless and Mobile Computing to the Technology Advancement Center (TAC).  The mission of the Center was “to research and evaluate technological solutions for communication, computer and information technology and apply new solutions in innovative ways to enhance the quality and excitement of learning.”


Since its early beginning in 1994 the Technology Advancement Center and its predecessors (ARPA/TRP, OWLS, and CWMC) have been agents of change and have created many adventures in learning.  Projects were completed with 23 “External Partners” and 42 “Clients” representing University, College, Community College, High School, Government, and Professional organizations.  Clients using our products and solutions in their environments were located in 16 States, Calgary, BC, and Rishon-Lezion, Israel.


During a fifteen year period of innovation the TAC TEAM created several “first in the nation or first in the world,” initiatives, products, or solutions for learning.  In our opinion, some of these were ahead of their time.  At times pushing into new territory was scary for some but created dreams and opportunities for many others. 

The good news is that we have accomplished our original mission.  We have been successful in creating positive change and have helped to promote learning in new ways where it was never before possible.  At the same time, we are sorry to report that due to the economic recession and cutbacks throughout the University that on June 30, 2009 the Technology Advancement Center will be closed.  Both the Director and Assistant Director have accepted new positions at the University and hope to be able to apply much of what has been learned directly to instruction. Our Graduate Student Research Associates have graduated and are looking forward to beginning their own adventures.