School of Theatre and Dance

Jayme Host, director

Jeni Parker, assistant 



Messick 105

Messick 107C


Amanda K. Hudson, administrative assistant

Rebekah Rose, costume shop supervisor



Messick 107

McGinnis 113

Shelby Quattlebaum, ECU/Loessin Playhouse manager, Box office manager, Financial Services assistant



Kelly W. Reddick, M.S., academic advisor


2500 Old Cafeteria Building 


Current advisees can schedule an
appointment through: Pirate Port > Tools > Scheduler

Jonathan Sitton, music director, accompanist


Studio 209

Jeffery Woodruff, managing director


Messick 107

Faculty Information


Nesbit, Marissa (dance & dance ed. coordinator)

Darkenwald, Teal (modern, jazz)

Dixon, John (modern)

Galaska, Tommi (jazz)

Ingram, David (ballet)

Lumbard, Dirk (tap)

Panova, Galina (ballet)

Sitton, Jonathan (accompanist)

Whitfield, Evan Blair (accompanist)

Dance Education

Nesbit, Marissa (dance & dance ed. coordinator)

Darkenwald, Teal (modern, jazz)

Dixon, John (modern, improv)

Galaska, Tommi (jazz)

Ingram, David (ballet)

Lumbard, Dirk (tap)

Panova, Galina (ballet)

Design and Production

Childers-Smith, Delta (d&p area coordinator/costume designer)

Ammons, Jason (scene designer)

Parker, Jeni (assistant director)

Parker, Reid (technical director)

Rose, Rebekah (costume shop supervisor)

Shoaf, Michael (lighting/sound)

Musical Theatre

Tahaney, Michael (musical theatre prog. coordinator)

Doyle-Mekkes, Jessica (musical theatre vocal coach)

Radics, Aimee (musical theatre vocal coach)

Sitton, Jonathan (musical director, accompanist)

Professional Acting

Stewart, Natalie (voice/articulation, acting area coordinator)

Carlson, Jill Matarelli (movement/stage combat/acting)

Clark, Patricia "Patch" (Theatre for Youth)

Donohue, Tracy (voice/articulation, acting)

Funaro, Gregory (acting - "Meisner Technique")

Mobley, Jen-Scott (theatre history)

Tahaney, Michael (musical theatre)

Stage Management

Parker, Jeni (sm area coordinator)

Ammons, Jason  (scene designer) 

Childers-Smith, Delta (costume designer)

Parker, Reid (d&p coordinator/technical director)

Shoaf, Michael (lighting/sound)

Woodruff, Jeffery (managing director)

Theatre Education

Clark, "Patch" (theatre for youth/theatre ed. coordinator)

Carlson, John (intro to theatre, global theatre)

Donohue, Tracy (voice, acting)

Mobley, Jen-Scott (theatre history)

Stewart, Natalie (voice, acting)

Woodruff, Jeffery (managing director)