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ECU Transit: Routes - Service Calendar

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Service Calendar

The Spring 2018 Service Calendar outlines all of ECU Transit's service exceptions and other noteworthy dates for a given semester. Service exceptions are planned ahead of time and occur whenever service is modified or canceled for a given date. This is typically due to holidays, breaks, or other scenarios which affect the academic calendar. Normal service is planned unless otherwise noted.

Monday, January 8th: Normal Service Begins
Classes begin. Routes begin operating according to their normal Spring schedules.

Monday, January 15th: State Holiday
Routes 303 Blue307 Walmart, 301 Gold850 Pirate Ride, and SafeRide will operate on a Sunday schedule.  

Friday, March 2nd: Begin Spring Break
All 800 series routes, with the exception of 850 Pirate Ride, will end according to their normal schedules. 850 Pirate Ride will make its last round at 10:00 PM. SafeRide ends at 10:15 PM. Pirate Express will NOT operate.

Saturday - Saturday, March 3rd - 10th: Spring Break
All services are suspended. Pirate Access will resume service on Monday, March 12th

Sunday, March 11th: Normal Service Resumes
All routes and services will adhere to a normal Sunday schedule

Thursday, March 29th: State Holiday
All 800 Series routes, including 850 Pirate Ride, will make their last rounds at 10:00 PM. SafeRide will accept calls until 10:15 PM. Pirate Express will NOT operate.

Friday, March 30th - Saturday, March 31st: No Service, State Holiday
All ECU Transit services are suspended for Good Friday.

Sunday, April 1st: Normal Service Resumes
Routes 303 Blue, 307 Wal-Mart, 301 Gold850 Pirate Ride and SafeRide will operate on a normal Sunday schedule

Tuesday, April 24th: State Makeup Day
Classes end. Regular service will run

Wednesday, April 25th: Reading Day
800 Series routes will operate for the entire day on 30 minute frequency with the exception of 850 Pirate Ride which will begin at its normal time. The following routes will also operate:

  • 301 Gold - 15 minute frequency
  • 302 Health Sciences - normal schedule
  • 304 Campus shuttle - normal schedule
  • 610 Minges Park & Ride - 8 minute frequency

Thursday, April 26th: Exams Begin
All routes and services resume their normal schedules

Thursday, May 3rd: Service Ends
Service for Spring 2018 ends. All routes and services will adhere to a normal Thursday schedule, including Pirate Express and SafeRide.