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ECU Transit: Routes - 301 Gold

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Day Routes

301 Gold

This route circulates around main campus, College Hill, Curry Court (D-Zone parking), and the Minges Park & Ride lots. It operates out of Mendenhall / West End on a 10 minute frequency Monday through Friday from 7:00am until 2:00pm. From 2:00pm until 6:45pm the route operates on a 15 minute frequency. The last trip departs Mendenhall / West End at 6:15pm. Saturday through Sunday this route operates out of Mendenhall / West end on a 30 minute frequency beginning at 11:30am. the last trip departs at 6:00pm.

Download Schedule: 301 Gold Route Package (PDF)

NextBus Real Time Map & Arrival Predictions

The map included here provides real time tracking for this route, including arrival predictions. For routes which are not currently scheduled to operate, you may see the message "no predictions" for some or all stops. Please check the schedule for operating times or contact us for assistance.