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Snapshot of Service-Learning Courses

New service-learning courses are approved each semester by the ECU Service-Learning Committee, Faculty Senate, and Chancellor.  Below is a list of all approved courses.  Visit the ECU course catalog to learn more about the individual courses, or contact the VSLC staff if you are interested in learning more about service-learning at ECU.  In addition to this course listing, there are many courses that include service-learning components.

Approved Service-Learning Courses as of Spring 2014

Youth Theatre II -- THEA 3031
Internship in Production and Performance in Theatre for Youth II -- THEA 4141
Constructing Performance Projects in Theatre for Youth -- THEA 3032
Art in the Elementary School -- ART 3851
Plant Biology -- BIOL 3150
Writing for Business and Industry -- ENGL 3880
Children's Literature -- ENGL 4950
Applying Anthropology to Contemporary Cultural Issues -- ANTH 3150
Communications Senior Seminar -- COMM 4080
Small Business Institute -- MGMT 4262
Service-Learning in Interdisciplinary Teams -- IRHE 2500
Interdisciplinary Rural Health Education Independent Study -- IRHE 3102
Global Perspectives in Nutrition -- NUTR 4400
Survey of Community Resources in Rehabilitation and Health Care -- REHB 2000
Introduction to Child, Family and Community Services -- CDFR 2280
Physical Activity and Aging -- EXSS 5800
Professional Roles and Environments in Health Care -- HSMA 2000
Human Measurement -- PSYC 6328
Developmental Psychology -- PSYC 3206
Business Leadership I: Team-Building and Interpersonal Skills -- BUSI 2200
Peer Health Education Training -- HLTH 2500
Health Problems II/Health Disparities -- HLTH 3020
Strategic Leadership for 21st Century Schools -- LEED 6902
Micro-Political Leadership and Decision-Making within a Legal Context -- LEED 6903
External Development Leadership for Cultivating Partnerships -- LEED 6904
Managerial Leadership for Complex School Operations -- LEED 6905
Human Resource Leadership for Professional Growth -- LEED 6906
Instructional Leadership for Teaching and Learning -- LEED 6098
Cultural Leadership for Systemic School Improvement -- LEED 6909
Counseling in Schools -- COAD 6404/6406
Leisure Programming and Design Laboratory -- RCLS 3004
Small Group Communication -- COMM 3142
Intercultural Communication -- COMM 3180Media, Culture and Society -- COMM 4040
Theory & Practice in Family and Community Services -- CDFR 3290
Nursing Care of Children – NURS 3340/3341
Nursing Care of Populations and Communities – NURS 4210
Student Development and Learning in Higher Education (Maynard Scholars & Education Housing Community Sections) -- COAD 1000
Problems in Interiors (Interior Design & Merchandising) -- ISDN 4700
Living Green: The World between Technology & Humanity -- HNRS 2116

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