Women's Studies

Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Women's Studies Minor
The minor in women’s studies is an interdisciplinary academic program with courses designed to complement and enrich students’ work in their major fields. To ensure flexibility in each student’s 24 s.h. program and thus assure the possibility of coordinating with the major, the women’s studies minor comprises a 6 s.h. core, which includes a course that introduces the student to the discipline and a senior seminar which helps the student synthesize what she or he has learned, and 18 s.h. of electives. A course may not count toward the student’s major degree and the women’s studies minor.
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Women’s Studies Minor Checklist)

Graduate Minor
The graduate women’s studies minor consists of 9 s.h. of graduate-level course work designed to complement the student’s major field by exploring the experience of women in relationship to issues of gender, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, political structures, and social systems. The minor encourages critical thinking, seeks new knowledge, and explores feminist theory across cultural and disciplinary boundaries.