Chill Songs

Now we all have those nights. You're tired, yet you still have so much work you have to do and you're so frustrated that you can't focus. So today, I'm going to give you 5 songs that I normally listen to to get me into a chill mood.

1. The Longest Wave - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Red Hot Chili Peppers recently released their album The Getaway in 2016 and "The Longest Wave" was once of the quieter songs on this LP, but it's also one of my favorites. I feel I would listen to it on the beach (how fitting) and just listen to the waves roll in. And nothing calms me more than the sound of rushing water.

2. All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran
All Of The Stars was the song that Ed Sheeran released for the hit movie A Fault In Our Stars and I about cried watching that movie, by the way. This song is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever listened to. I actually first heard this song sitting out on my balcony, watching the stars and it gave me a sense of love (and chills down my spine at the bridge of the song). 

3. A Song For You - Michael Bublé 

I originally heard "A Song For You" by Michael during his performance at Madison Square Garden. This song is absolutely gorgeous as he went on to sing the last chorus without his microphone and as powerful as his voice could, he projected his voice across the crowd of over 14,000 people and it was the most beautiful I, and you, will ever hear. 

4. Northern Downpour - Panic! At The Disco
"North Downpour" is a song from Panic!'s sophomore LP Pretty. Odd. "Northern Downpour" is a very somber song lead solely by a soft acoustic guitar and Brendon Urie's softer tone. For those of you who may not know, Brendon Urie is known to be one male vocalist who has the highest vocal registers in popular music. They kept this song softer than their previous work and it something that would seem fitting when, you know, there's a downpour. 

5. How Great - Chance The Rapper
"How Great" is from Chance The Rapper's junior mixtape, which went to win a Grammy for Best Rap Album. "How Great" goes gospel with this record, which has already shown holy inspirations with songs like "All We Got" and "Blessings". "How Great" starts off with a 2-minute rendition of "How Great Is Our God" by Chris Tomlin and leads into a slow bumping beat where Chance lays a verse which seems to lay out his previous life, and Jay Electronica follows with the powers of which God holds and his struggles in life. Yet, it's a very soft tune that you could play in the car coming home from work. -Stratus


The New Big Sean

Big Sean has established himself as a leader in the hip hop industry. While Big Sean had been around for a long time, he has never really had a well established name. Now with the success of his album I Decided and the high selling singles "bounce back" and "moves," (which also had really great music videos), Big Sean is making a statement that he is here and he is one of the best rappers in the game. A combination of unique flow and well thought out lyricism has made Big Sean one of the best rappers today. We all need to keep a careful eye on him and what he has in store for us. -Fadeaway

What to expect from Drakes new album is set to come out in a little over a week: After waiting for it for so long and and anticipating a Views follow up, people are wondering what this album will be. After Drake called the upcoming project a "playlist," I expect More Life to essentially be a mixtape. I don't think it will be a well put together piece. But more of a collection of songs made to be hits and random tracks that don't mix too well. But there is nothing wrong with this at all. Just expect a mixtape.-Fadeaway


Same Dr*gs Analysis

Last Monday, Chance the Rapper released a music video for his song "same drugs" off of his 2016 critically acclaimed mixtape Coloring Book and you could certainly say it takes a lot of chances (no pun intended). This new video is quite different from Chance's usual style, but not completely out of context for him right now, if you take into account the style of his recent "magnificent coloring world tour". It starts out with Chance sitting at a piano playing the song with a large puppet leaning on his shoulder. This puppet looks like it could have been apart of the stage decor for his live show, which had had a very whimsical childlike feel.  As Chance begins playing the song he doesn't seem to have his typical "Chance charisma". About a third of the way through the song, the puppet starts singing a new duet part of the song, voiced by Eryn Allen Kane, who was not featured on the album version, but certainly adds an interesting contrast to the song. The whole time Chance and the puppet sing together, it's apparent they aren't connecting, and Chance purposely makes it painfully obvious that he's lip syncing, and not into it. The whole time the video is being filmed in an old stylized VHS way, but when the song is ending chance gets up from the piano, the old style fades away, and it morphs into a modern day HD looking music video. Chance takes a moment to look around in realization, before walking out of the set. As he walks out, we see that the whole crew are puppets as well, and they all watch him in confusion as he walks out.
I say this video can be interpreted in two ways. In the first way, you can think of it as a metaphor for how music labels control artist, something chance is notoriously against. The whole duet with the puppet at the piano is supposed to look like this very staged type of thing that chance doesn't not want to do, which is why he looks unhappy the whole time he's doing it. Chance getting up and the video switching from an old to new visual style represents chance being able to see clearly that this is all a constructed scheme he doesn't want to be apart of any more. The puppets we see controlling everything as he walks out are symbolic for the controlling music label executives.
The second way to think of this is through the context of what the song is about -"we don't do the same drugs no more". Where the contrast between the puppet and chance symbolizes how far apart these two people have grown. This same concept can also be connected to chance and the puppet crew around him. In this case chance has grown and matured and the fact that everyone around him is a puppet says that they are all still in this immature child like state of mind. That, or Chance is real, and everyone else is now fake.
No matter what the video was actually intended to mean, or what you may think it means, I think we can all agree that it's one of Chance's most moving videos to date.
You can check out the video on You Tube and Chance's mixtape Coloring Book free on Soundcloud.-VIOLAT


Thundercat- The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam      

       If you are a fan of Kendrick Lamar’s album To Pimp a Butterfly and Untitled Unmastered, then this album is for you. Thundercat was the bass player featured on 2 of K-Dot’s albums, and he uses many of the same effects on his bass in this album. The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam to me is more of a short EP than a full album. This tracks are very trippy and exotic, but at the same time there is a lot of good sounds throughout. The tunes are grooving and interesting to listen to, and the lyrics are especially poetic. Thundercat plays his 6 string bass and sings on the record. Having 2 extra strings on the bass allow him to get those really low notes like a tuba, and more higher notes to play chords like a guitarist. Personally I am always tuning into Thundercat because he one of my new favorite bassists that isn’t afraid to be different. For example, whenever he performs he will either wear an native American head band made of huge eagles wings, or when he is feeling really in tune with his spirtuallity you will see him wearing a skinned mountain lion as a headpiece. Very strange, but he is a gifted musician nonetheless. I am anxious to hear what he will put out in the future, especially if it will be with Kendrick again.- Chris Puckett


Turnover - Peripheral Vision (2015)

Peripheral Vision is the sophomore studio album from Virginia Beach-based dream rock band, Turnover. They tend to love a 2 verse, bridge, end coda structure of songwriting and it works to keep a balanced sound throughout the album. This album starts off with the lead single "Cutting My Fingers Off," the song I also start my show with. This song gives base to what this album will sound like: echoing guitars, rhythmic bass, and soaring vocals. "New Scream" keeps with the soaring vocals and echoing guitars, and the backing vocals soft "screaming" behind lead singer, Austin Getz, really puts this song's message of loss into perspective. This album continues fading into each song, from "New Scream" to "Humming" to "New Euphoria" to my favorite song on this record by far, "Dizzy On the Comedown. Dizzy is a song of longing to know someone yet never being able to do enough. I would think this would be a song I'd sing to someone I loved by a bonfire. "Like Slow Disappearing" is a song that I feel is the weakest song on the record, yet it has it's strengths. When I first heard the song, I thought I was listening to Beck, and not 'Guero' Beck, I'm talking Grammy-winning "Morning Phase" Beck. I feel this was their "Unforgiven" of the album, could've been a single, but it was missing that feeling of a bit more heart in the track, which I feel it lacked. Though that's not the case with "Take My Head." Take My Head was the hard hitter in this album, almost didn't feel like it belonged but at the same time it did. The collective shout-singing of the chorus felt like this would hit off a concert. Which leads us into the penultimate song on this record, "I Would Hate You If I Could." This song SHOULD have been a single. This has such a singalong vibe to it. This is the cry out to your girlfriend, serenade her from outside her bedroom window kind of song. Slow enough to get feelings out of it, but not enough for a slow dance. One of my favorites from this record. And lastly, "Intrapersonal," closing track of the album and closing track of my show.  The chiming piano and guitar riffs, echoing vocals, and the strong feeling of a song that there will always be this strong feeling for this special someone in your heart. It's literally intrapersonal.  Peripheral Vision, in a nutshell is by far one of my favorite albums by far, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. - Stratus

Celebrate Single Awareness day with ECU Jazz

It’s the beginning of February so you know what that means… The groundhog predicts an extra 6 weeks of winter and the 14th is extra lonely for those without their other half. If you are like me and don’t have a significant other, then feel free to join us for our first jazz jam at the Mendenhall Student Center on Valentines Day! Students from the jazz department will be hosting a romantic night of live music from 6:00-8:00pm on that Tuesday! Come celebrate singles awareness day with some of the best musicians at ECU! It will be a fun and exciting evening full of music.- Chris Puckett

Kickin' Off Jazz

The Jazz program here at ECU is off to a great semester. There are a vast majority of performances coming up on and off of campus. Here are the list of events for the next month: 

·      Feb 3rd – ECU Wind Ensemble and ECU Jazz Ensemble A combined concert at Wright Auditorium 8pm.

·      Feb 3rd – First Friday Jazz Jams at Christies Europub (3rd and Jarvis) 11pm-2am

·      Feb 16th-20th ECU Jazz Ensemble A is leaving for Washington D.C. to play at the Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival!

·      Feb 24th – Jazz Jams at Buffalo Wild Wings! (Greenville Blvd) 6-10pm. Normally these are held every THIRD Friday, but since the band is going away the previous weekend we have decided to move it back.

·      Feb 25th – ECU Senior Alex Ilgenfritz’s senior recital in the Fletcher Music Building. Room B110 @ 5:00pm


February is going to be a busy month for the jazz students! Be sure to come out to some of the events to HEAR what your fellow pirates are doing! And also stay tuned into “Sunday Brunch Jazz” every Sunday from 2-4pm right here on WZMB 91.3. This weekend we will have some students from the school of music to talk about how they got started on playing jazz! – Chris Puckett

John Coltrane

Crescent is considered by many to be John Coltrane’s prequel to his masterpiece album A Love Supreme, and even includes the same rhythm section used to record his previous work. Jimmy Garrison on bass, McCoy Tyner on piano, and Elvin Jones on drums. This album however does not begin as frantic as Love Supreme, it is much more laid back and not as in your face. Even though the album is very relaxed, its still heavy hitting all at the same time. Especially the opening track of the album, it has an easy feel with a hard swing that makes you feel like your actually in a jazz club in New York City . What is cool about this album is the unaccompanied solos throughout. Like Garrisons extended bass solo in “Lonnie’s Lament”, and the dueling drums and sax solo in “The Drum Thing”. Crescent is a great starting album for anybody who is interested in listening to jazz music.Recommended Tracks: Crescent, Wise One, Lonnie’s Lamment.- DJ Chris Puckett

Miles Davis Quintet
Miles takes his melodies next level with this album. He bents the melody into wonderful phrases that really leave you hanging. Like saying something with a lot meaning but with the fewest amounts of words possible. Telling a story and letting it come easy, that’s Miles Davis. Workin’ is the 3rd record released of 4 in a two day session recording of tunes. The quintet altogether is what drives this album since this group consists of the best players in the New York jazz scene. This album begins relaxed and smooth, but each musician is driving the music in new directions make for interesting solos. To me the hard bop era was the most natural era of jazz which was the most melodic material composed in the century. Workin’ gives examples of jazz’s true roots and where it is heading next. The musicians themselves make the music revolutionary. Paul Chambers was one of the first jazz basists to perform arco bass solos. By doing this his lines became more fluid of ideas like a saxophone player. Most importantly there is clear conversation between each member of the group and the language us fluid. Overall this album has this dark swing feel in the heads of each tune. This album is gold in jazz album repertoire.Recommended tracks: It Never Entered My Mind, Four, Ahmad’s Blues, Half Nelson- CHRIS PUCKETT

Miles Davis Quintet
       The second of the 4 part release series, Relaxin’ is as straight ahead swing as it gets. One of my favorite parts of this quintet is the bass player Paul Chambers. His walking bass lines are nearly perfect, and as a bass player solid quarter notes are the most important part to any jazz ensemble. For anybody who is a fan of Miles, almost each track begins with him talking to the band telling them what he wants to hear. It’s interesting how can get exactly what he wants just from musical conversation. Relaxin is my new favorite “Davis” album and it is an album that I’ll keep shedding on until I can get it right. Recommended Tracks: You’re My Everything, Oleo, It Could Happen to You- DJ CHRIS PUCKETT

Jaco Pastorius
The Birthday Concert

      Undisputedly one of the greatest recorded concerts of all time, The Birthday Concert is one of the most thrilling jazz records I have ever listened to. Jaco whom innovated the fretless electric bass is a name that every bassist around the world knows.  Jaco starts out by dedicating his performance to his mother as she is listening in the audience. The band begins with “The Chicken”, Jaco’s most well popular rendition in his career. With Michael Brecker and Bob Mintzer (Yellow Jackets) both on tenor saxophones, also former drummer for Weather Report, Peter Erskine, and who could forget the conga percussionist that makes the performance truly special, Don Alias. On top of that they are backed up buy a 19 piece big band that is screamin’. But what really sets this concert apart from most records is the nearly 18 minute long version of the jazz standard “Invitation”. The entire time the album does not lose momentum, and with Jaco’s chaotic bass, lines I would say that this is as heavy as jazz can get. There are many more easygoing and straight-ahead arrangements as well, and almost each tune has Jaco ripping plenty of bass solos throughout. If you want to hear Jaco at his best definitely give this album a listen. Recommended Tracks: The Chicken, Invitation, Amerika- DJ CHRIS PUCKETT

John Coltrane
      A Love Supreme John Coltrane (1926-1967), one of jazz’s most influential saxophonists breaks the boundaries of music in “A Love Supreme”. This album is to be considered by many to be his masterpiece. Released 2 years before his death, Coltrane wrote this music in inspiration of finding himself spiritually after struggling with alcohol and heroin addictions throughout his career. After the release of Ornette Coleman’s “The Shape of Jazz to Come” (1959), the avant-garde style of jazz influenced Coltrane’s playing for the rest of his years to come. “A Love Supreme” is not your typical “elevator jazz music”. This album is as raw as it gets and is very abstract; music as an expression in its fullest form. For anybody who wants to dip their feet into this album without listening to the whole thing, I recommend the second track “Resolution”. Also noteworthy, Coltrane is accompanied by one jazz’s historically strongest trios of all time with McCoy Tyner on piano, Jimmy Garrison on acoustic bass, and Elvin Jones on drums. There are several moments on the album where they are given extended solos to show their chops off. “A Love Supreme” is the perfect example of how music is art. In my opinion every American should be aware of this albums existence in terms of cultural significance- DJ Chris Puckett

John Coltrane
Lush Life
      This week is dedicated to John Coltrane, one of jazz’s greatest saxophonists that has taken part in revolutionizing the music in his playing. No other musician can compare to him since his sound is so unique and advanced. Coltrane has influenced many of the greatest jazz musicians that we know today since his time here with us. “Lush Life” is one of those jazz records that is very easy going and laid back. This album has only 5 tracks but Coltrane milks each one of them for what they are worth, playing plenty dizzying runs and hard swinging lines that really capture the essence of jazz saxophone. All the tunes on this album (except for Trane’s Slow Blues) are covers of previous jazz standards that every aspiring jazz musician should check out. Recommended tracks: I Love You, Lush Life, I Hear a Rhapsody- DJ Chris Puckett

John Abercrombie
Class Trip

       This album was introduced to me by one of my music professors here at ECU, genre busting guitarist, Scott Sawyer. Earlier this summer I actually had the chance to hear Mr. Abercrombie perform and discuss his views of music. Abercrombie has a way of making everyone in the room laugh and feel right at home. You’ll feel right at home too with this album. His playing on the album is subtle and sweet and puts you in a trance. What is most peculiar about this album is that it features composer/violinist Mark Feldman. Many of the tracks on this album are very ambient and abstract, almost free but not entirely avant-garde. There are not many straight-ahead swing tracks, which is what I personally enjoy the most, but there are many great moments on the album where Abercrombie tears it up on his six-string. This album overall is very contemporary and unique, a mix of classical and jazz if you will. For the classical listeners, you will enjoy the quartet’s version of Bela Bartok’s “Soldier’s Song” (Track 10). Class Trip is Definitely worth checking out if you want to hear something unique. Recommended tracks: Descending Grace, Swirls, Epilogue.- DJ Chris Puckett

Branford Marsalis Quartet
      Branford Marsalis, one of our worlds greatest saxophonists, was supposed to be coming to ECU this Friday night, October 7th to perform a concert with his quartet. Unfortunately due to hurricane Matthew the concert has been postponed until further notice. This album review is in honor of his future visitation to our university. The Marsalis family name is known all around the world for their contributions to the music. In fact, if were not for the Marsalis’ jazz music may have not survived for as long as it has today. It was the Marsalis family that kept the music alive after it had begun to stray away its true roots during the avant-garde/fusion eras of jazz. The Marsalis family goes back all the way from New Orleans where jazz was born. Today we are listening to jazz records put out by the four Marsalis bothers: Branford (saxophones), Wynton (trumpet), Delfeayo (Trombone), and Jason (drums). This family often performs and records together, led by their father Ellis Marsalis Jr. (piano).  Now that you know a little bit about the family background, let’s talk about the music.

 Metamorphosen (2009) starts us out with a face-melting tempo and exiting ideas. The lines that Branford play are thrilling and are inspiring as to how clean he can play at such a high tempo. As the album continues you will notice how diverse of a player Branford is. His primary instrument is tenor saxophone, but he also plays alto and soprano on many of the other tracks. Throughout the album you hear bob melodies, slow ballads, funk, and much more diversity. My personal favorite track is the quartets rendition of Monk’s “Rhythm-a-Ning”, which the name implies switches between different types of beats and tempos. This is the first album of Branford’s that I have actually taken the time to sit down and listen to, and after listening to this there will be plenty more to come. To me, and many others, this is one of the best jazz quartets of the century. These four musicians have been playing together for 10 at the release of this album, and they continue to play and write music together (except the drummer) today. If you want to know how a jazz quartet is supposed to play together, check this album out. Recommended tracks: Jabberwocky, Rhythm-a-Ning, Sphere, And Then, He Was Gone- DJ Chris Puckett

Nothing's Real
       I didn’t know what to expect from Indie Pop artist, Shura, but I was intrigued by the album cover and was eager to hear what she had to offer. After listening past the intro, I seriously thought I was listening to Madonna from the 80s. And then there’s also a little hint of RNB in some of her songs as well. There are songs that remind me of styles from Miguel, Frank Ocean, old school Janet Jackson, and Kanye West. There’s a vibe that I get from this album that makes me want to hop in a convertible with the top down and go on a road trip across the country. Her voice is soothing and graceful that matches well with her transparent lyrics where she talks about relationships, internal struggles, and life. The best kind of music is when you are able speak to the listener and relate with them through your lyrics. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes a huge hit in mainstream music soon. Tracks to listen to: “What’s It Gonna Be, Touch, and Tongue Tied.”- DJ LYSSDIAMOND

Vince Staples

Vince Staples
Prima Donna
       Vince Staples is by far one of my favorite artists. I was looking forward to this project and he did not disappoint. Prima Donna is a seven-track project that that brings a wide variety of unique raps. Vince Staples is from California so he includes a familiar west coast feeling. Yet, there’s not really any other rap artist that I can relate to him. This project itself contains very powerful messages and thought provoking lyrics that you may not understand at first. These are the signs of good rap lyrics in my opinion; you need to listen to it more than once to understand it. I personally believe he brings up some very good points using great word play and smart analogies. The only problem I have is that I wish it was longer, there’s seven tracks but the first is an intro. – DJ Fadeaway

Snark Puppy
Snark Puppy
Family Dinner Vol. 2

 This album is not what you would typically expect from jazz-fusion Grammy award winning band Snarky Puppy. Michael League gets creative with instrumentation and arrangements throughout the whole album. Family Dinner Vol. 2 is an exotic experience that really breaks away from the bands normal approach. Unlike the majority of their albums this one is not instrumental. Each track has a guest singers from entirely different cultures that make each track unique. When listening you will get a little taste of Latin rhythms, African beats, and plenty of funky grooves. There is plenty of diversity to go around and different feels to discover, but to me there are a few songs that sound a little redundant at times. Personally this is not my favorite SP album, but it is most definitely worth checking out. Recommended Tracks: Soro (Afriki), Sing to the Moon, I Remember, Somebody Home.- DJ Chris Puckett   

                                  Kevin Garrett

Kenny Garrett



        Not to be confused with confused artist Kenny G, American jazz saxophonist Kenny Garrett raises the bar on contemporary, as well as traditional jazz on his album “Trilogy” that changes the way we listen to Jazz. At first listen the album immediately pulls you into an intense swirl of emotions. The three artists put together lift one another up and fed each other ideas.This is one of the best trios put together I have ever heard. To me I believe the album is called Trilogy because these three musicians properly demonstrate what a trio is supposed to sound like. Throughout the album time remains constant and relaxed, even on the burning hot tracks like “Delfeayo’s Dilemma” And then there are those smooth swinging tracks like “In Your Own Sweet Way” and “Night and Day.” The entire album is very diverse and energetic. Even a non-jazz listener would be able to distinguish the tracks from one another. For anybody studying jazz I would recommend listening to this album for everything that it is.- DJ Chris Towaway


National Fantasy Review


Bridges & Powerlines

Category: Indie

Don’t overlook this Brooklyn indie band. If you miss indie rock music of the 80s and 90s then you need to listen to Bridges & Powerlines' new album titled National Fantasy. The engineering behind the music is great and you can tell that they put a lot of work into the two years that it took to create the album. Each of the 12 tracks gives a different vibe for whatever mood you’re in. Ultimate fav.. "Inside the Hyperdream". -DJ LYSSDIAMOND

If you don’t already know, Coachella if one of the nations biggest and most popular music and arts festivals that happens during the second and third weekends of April every year in Indio, California.  The festival started in 1999 and has grown in popularity ever since, hosting a wide array or artist from all genres.  The lineup this year bings much excitement with acts such as the XX, Kaytranada, and Tycho, but even more excitement with headliners like Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce. Beyonce may still headline despite recently announcing she was pregnant with twins. This is a big deal, not just because its Beyonce, but because of the fact that she is the second women to ever headline the festival, and the first women of color to headline in its entire 18 year history. I’m certainly excited to see the type of performance she will bring this year to the Coachella stage with all these factors in play. 

Along with Beyonce, I’m also quite excited to see what Kendrick Lamar will bring considering the year he’s had.  Lamar is the first rapper to headline since drake back in 2015.  There have been rumors that Beyonce and Lamar might perform their recent song “Freedom” together (fingers crossed).

Lastly the performance in most excited to watch would have to be Porter Robinson and Madeon.  Last year, the duo released their song “Shelter” together and created a US tour under the same name.  Throughout the year they traveled and played shows combining there uniquely bright, and similar electronic sounds. Coachella will be the last time they play this show together, and Its certainly a bittersweet thing, but hopefully that will collaborate sometime again in the future. 

If you’re like me and don’t have the money for a plane ticket to California no worries.  You can live stream the festival from April 14th- to the 16th on YouTube. Above I’ve highlighted my anticipated acts.  Check them out!- Violat



The East Carolina University women’s basketball team is looking for a winning season this year, and head coach, Heather Macy, is entering her seventh season steering the Lady Pirate’s ship.
Coach Macy is looking for a bounce back 2016-2017 campaign from last year when the team won 13 games and surrendered 19 losses. The Lady Pirates finished in the lower half of the American Athletic Conference standings with a record of six wins and 12 losses.
The task won’t be that easy for Coach Macy and her squad though. Six players have moved on from the program since the end of last season including four starters. The only returning starter from last year is redshirt-senior guard, Khadidja Toure.
With the absence of leading scorer Jada Payne, and double-double machine I’Tiana Taylor, Toure must step up as the leader of this Pirate squad along with four returners from last year’s team who are, senior guards Fanni Csutoras and Manesha Womble, redshirt-junior forward Gabrielle Holston and sophomore Alex Frasier.
Coach Macy will have a total of five returning players and eight newcomers to work with in the 2016-2017 season which is set to get under way on Friday, Nov. 11, at 5:30 p.m. in Minges Coliseum against Macy’s alma mater, Greensboro. - Peyton Land

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                                                                                Mick Jenkins

Mick Jenkins
The Healing Component
Category: Hip Hop
         The Healing Component is the debut album of up and coming artist, Mick Jenkins. The theme of the album is Love. Listening to this album left me feeling peaceful making it perhaps my favorite album of the year so far. My favorite single off the album is, "Spread Love." This song genuinely makes you feel like Love is the most important thing in the world (as it is).- DJ Puckett

Travis Scott
Travis Scott
Birds In the Trap Sing FADEAWAY
Category: Hip Hop
Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight is a rap album of hits and serenading soliloquies. Travis Scott is known for his brilliant use of auto tune which he implements a lot on this album. He does not disappoint here, this is a great follow up to his debut album, Rodeo. My favorite track on the album is, "Through the Late Night." It's a beautifully produced song featuring Kid McKnight. Everyone who likes Cudi like I do has to give this song a listen.- DJ Cudi

Ladyhawke Review
Wild Things
Category: Pop

 I really enjoyed this album and recommend it to those seeking pop nature with a more electronic vibe. The music sets an inspirational tone while the lyrics are powerful and freeing. It takes me back to my rebellious high school days. Track #4 “Let it Roll” was my favorite, but #2 “The River” was just as upbeat.- DJ Ladyhawke

Greenville Teacher on the Ellen Show

Coming across a lot of social media sites these days, you can hardly believe what you read. However hearing Greenville, NC our hometown here, and a town that had be mentioned on one of the most popular talk shows across the US, The Ellen Show was a HUGE hit. A second grade teacher right here from South Greenville Elementary was recognized on the popular talk show and  was unexpectedly awarded $25,000 from Walmart plus many gadgets to enhance their learning. What an amazing way to get the young Greenville, NC get involved in a positive, self motivating, and most importantly understanding classroom atmosphere. Thank you Mr. Bonner- for showing that teachers mean more then just showing us how to divide and subtract, but for helping these students add and mulitpy to their lives, and not just mathematically.- Kayla S


Going off of the artist I talked about on my show today, Two Feet. I'd recommend checking their album on Spotify out. It's very relaxing and perfect music to ease your mind and inner soul too. They are fairly new so I can't wait to see their future releases.-Kayla S

Hey everyone its Roylanda!! Your lovely host for Tea time with China Monday and Wednesday for 8am-9am. This past week has been great. Ive just been getting ready for my personal news show and my combined show with my two favorite gals Aileen and Tehya!! So be on the look out Triple treat coming your way. Over and out!-China


Climate Change

Have you ever heard of 80 degree weather in the middle of February? Yes, we all enjoy the nice, hot, sunny days, but did I mention in the middle of February?? The hot weather is due to global warming and climate change. This severe issue is completely over looked and our planet is in extreme danger. Government officials continue to shout that climate change is a hoax and continue to do nothing about it, simply because tons of money would need to be spent. Americans are given false information on a regular basis, trying to cover it all up. However, everyone will regret avoiding this issue when our planet completely dies on us all...... -Tehya

Nostalgic Item of the Day: The Ren & Stimpy Show


The Ren & Stimpy Show, often simply called Ren & Stimpy, is an American animated television series created by John Kricfalusi for Nickelodeon. The series follows the adventures of title characters Ren, an emotionally unstable chihuahua, and Stimpy, a good-natured, dimwitted cat.

Ren & Stimpy premiered on August 11, 1991 as one of the original three Nicktoons, along with Rugrats and Doug. Throughout its run, the show was controversial for its off-color humor, sexual innuendo, dark humor, adult jokes, and violence which were rare for children's television animation of the time and quite frankly, even today it is rare to see a show push the boundries the way Ren & Stimpy did. This controversy contributed to the production staff's altercations with Nickelodeon's Standards and Practices department. The show ended on December 16, 1995, with a total of five seasons and 52 episodes.

Ren & Stimpy received mixed to very positive reviews during its original run then later widespread critical acclaim after its run, and has developed a cult following. The series is often cited as paving the way for animated shows like Beavis and Butt-Head and South Park. A spin-off for adult audiences, Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon", aired in 2003 on Spike, but was cancelled soon after its debut due to low ratings. According to reports in 2016, the show's creator is developing a Ren & Stimpy short-format cartoon that would screen along with the third SpongeBob movie. Yes, that is correct, there is going to be a third SpongeBob movie, but I will update you as that information begins to pile in.

This has been your Nostalgic Item of the Day.-LJ

Stabbing in New Bern

A 29-year-old woman is being accused of stabbing her husband Sunday afternoon in the city of New Bern. I think the possible suspect could very well be guilty. It's just a matter of why she would do such a thing to her significant other, if she did it. Was she thinking about the consequences? What might he have done to her? These are things I want to know.-Aileen

What The Pho!

For Valentines Day, my hubby and I decided we would look for a new restaurant to try. We stumbled upon Greenville's newest Vietnamese Restaurant located off Arlington Blvd. The restaurant was clean, the ambience was perfect for a date, and the service was superb (especially because the owner served us). Their signature noodle soup called Pho is perfect for a cold day. You can choose from a variety of meat and vegetables to top off with asian spices. My absolute favorite dish from What The Pho was the Beef Bahn Mi sandwich. It was very fresh and flavorful. If you have never tried Vietnamese food, you are missing out!-Lyss Diamond



5th Street Players Young, Gifted, and Black Showcase

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the first Young, Gifted, and Black showcase held in Speight Auditorium in Jenkins Fine Art Center.  The showcase consisted of about 15 black student performers from the Theatre and Dance departments, and showcased the performers dancing, acting, and singing to tell the story of Black History in America.  The showcase was put on by the organization 5th Street Players, a student theatre company here in Greenville, and was original planned to be a play with all black actors but didn’t work out that way. When I asked the director of the showcase, Kiara Hines, on my show Friday, she explained that they didn’t have enough actors to put on a play, and had trouble coming up with a strong idea for one.  Instead they decided a showcase would be better because it shows the individuality in the performer, and it certainly did.  Every performer shined in their own way, whether it was through a powerful visually provoking dance, a soulful song, or a strong emotionally powerful acting performance.  The ending performance was especially powerful to me, when all of the performers came out together and sang “I Know Where I’ve Been” also performed by Queen Latifah in the Film Hairspray.  I’ve always loved this song, and to see it be performed by so many young, gifted and black performers, who all radiate so much passion for what they do, was an absolutely incredible end to an amazing showcase. Shouts to everyone who participated in this and I hope to see another showcase like this in the near future. -Violat

True Shores Show

This week me and Jay covered the topic of the relation of culture and the hip hop community. We integrated Migos into the conversation and talked about their influence on the newer age of rap and where the genre is headed. We also covered another major release: the new Future album, which is starting to gain much popularity as Future continues to soar upwards in plays. On my individual show on Friday, I talked about a study conducted on fish who were affected by an oil spill; these fish were found to have died from a specific chemical that is also present in the air pollution of the plant responsible for the leaks. This chemical can have major adverse affects on the heart when breathed in through the air and it is clear in the study of the fish what affect it can have on a living organism.-T.Shores

After The Hearts

After Valentine's Day, it is time to snap back to reality. It was fun but now it's time to get our heads back in the game to continue on. With all this climate change it already feels as if I'm getting Spring Fever. However, no matter what we must remember our purpose. Even if you don't know what it is yet, you have one. We all do. My purpose is.... to live life. And share the excitement to everyone that life has good moments, even if it doesn't seem that way at times. Life Happens, but that shouldn't stop us from having a good time. Life can drive us crazy, but don't be crazy. Be PSYCHO.

Nostalgic Item of The Day: Doug (Nicktoons)

Doug is an American animated sitcom created by Jim Jinkins. The show focuses on the early adolescent life of Douglas "Doug" Funnie, who experiences common predicaments while attending school in his new hometown of Bluffington. Doug narrates each story in his journal, and the show incorporates many imagination sequences. The series addresses numerous topics, including trying to fit in, platonic and romantic relationships, self-esteem, bullying, and rumors. Numerous episodes center on Doug's attempts to impress his classmate and crush, Patti Mayonnaise 

Fun Fact: Jinkins developed Doug from drawings in his sketchbook that he created over the course of the 1980s. Doug was largely inspired by Jinkins's childhood growing up in Virginia, with most characters in the series, actually, being based on real individuals.

Doug initially ran for four seasons and 52 episodes while on Nickelodeon. It was picked up by Disney in 1996 and continued to run for three more seasons and 65 episodes. In total, Doug had seven seasons and 117 episodes. Not too shabby for a show that ran on two separate competing networks.-LJ


Last week during the Z Inspirations Morning show I shared a Poem by Catherine Pulsifer called Life Steps. It's a poem about no matter if you go forward or backwards with your steps in life just learn from them. You can't be to hard on yourself when you make mistakes.- Jxy True


Nostalgic Item of the Day: Rugrats

Rugrats is an American animated television series created by Arlene Klasky, Gábor Csupó and Paul Germain for Nickelodeon. The show focuses on a group of toddlers, most prominently Tommy, Chuckie, twins Phil and Lil, and Angelica, and their day-to-day lives, usually involving common life experiences that become adventures in the babies' imaginations.[1][2] Adults in the series are almost always unaware of what the children are up to.

The series premiered on Sunday, August 11, 1991, as the second Nicktoon after Doug and preceding The Ren & Stimpy Show. Production was initially put on hiatus in 1995 after 65 episodes, with the last episode airing on May 22, 1994. From 1995 to 1996, the only new episodes broadcast were "A Rugrats Passover" and "A Rugrats Chanukah", two Jewish-themed episodes that received critical acclaim; during this time, well-after the end of the show's production run, Rugrats began to receive a boost in ratings and popularity, due to constant reruns on Nickelodeon. In 1996

The series also received multiple theatrical releases, as well as a spin off titled "All Grown Up". 

In total, the original series ran for a total of 172 episodes and 9 seasons during a 13-year run. Making it, without a doubt, one of the most monumental original programs to stem from Nickelodeon.-LJ

The ECU lady Pirates lost to the Temple Owls on Saturday evening by the score of 76-43 in Minges Colosseum, and this loss marks the ninth straight for the team.

The Pirates fall to (1-11) in AAC play, and (10-15) on the season. The team’s struggles on the offensive side of the court continued Wednesday night.

Cold shooting was the culprit for the Pirates against an exuberant Owls defense. Kristen Gaffney and company were held to just 26% shooting on the night.

Gaffney was unable to match her season average and only netted 11 points. Gaffney was 3-13 shooting from the field to go along with teammates who couldn’t provide the offensive support the Pirates needed.

Bre McDonald and Khadidja Toure both contributed with six points each, but their efforts were not enough to combat an explosive Owl team that scored 46 points in the first half.

The Pirates will take on the Memphis Tigers on Wednesday night at eight in Memphis, and hopefully get back to winning ways.-Peyton


A Night of Salsa!

      Last Tuesday, I got the opportunity to learn how to salsa dance at Crave Restaurant. The Pirates Promoting Community Wellness organization from ECU put on a fundraising event for Honduras by hosting salsa lessons. It was a good opportunity to give towards a good cause and learn some new dance moves. The instructor was extremely patient with us and taught us how to dance salsa and bachata. A lot of us were beginners but by the end of the night we were fully confident in what we learned. Crave hosts salsa lessons and dance parties on the third Friday of every month. It'a a great opportunity to learn something new, do something different for date night, or just have fun with friends!-LYSS DIAMOND

Valentines Day: The Pregame

With Valentine's Day being next week, many people are breaking their necks to do something romantic for their significant other. On the contrary, many other people are getting their hearts broken. I can relate to both sides of the spectrum. Love is not a easy balance beam to work with. The truth is, you cannot weigh nor balance love. You take love as it is, and at times it hurts. I remember last year on the weekend before Valentine's Day I attempted to do something special for my fiancé at the time. I got her some small gifts and went to her house for the weekend. My intentions were good and I did it out of love. Unfortunately she did not receive me that way. She broke up with me that Saturday. I was forced to go home in tears, heartbroken, eating the pack of Oreos she gave me for Valentine's Day. That was a rough time for me and on Valentine's Day I went to HOOTERS for dinner. HOOTERS was nice but that day reminded me on how much I truly hated the holiday. The romance, the gifts, the whole thing. Valentine's Day NEVER worked out in my favor. This year was different.

I fixed my problems, fixed my relationship and fixed my perspective on V-Day. Valentine's Day is a set reminder to love each other. One day out of the year specifically designed to share the love to the people you care about. Whether it be a ring, a box of chocolates or something as simple as a love note, every piece of love you share is accounted for. Someone is going to appreciate that gift. We all get caught up in life that we forget to relax and enjoy life. You can run out of time, but you cannot run out of love. On this coming Valentine's Day, whether you are a lover or a loner, take some time out of your day to tell your significant other you love them. It's the thought that counts.-PSYCHO

Executive Order This past week has been quite controversial, no surprise there however. What I do find surprising is the substance behind it all. Last month has already been a controversial time period starting with the Inauguration of President Trump. Incidents keep adding up causing more controversy. Now it seems as if there is rarely any method, and much more madness. I try not to be political but when I received news about the Executive Order banning citizens from SEVEN countries entry into the United States, I was livid! More so I was confused. Why did Trump place that order? Was it to protect America? I need to see more motive here. I am irritated from reading in between the lines I want the fine print. Like I said, I do not normally speak of controversial topics - especially involving politics – but I took an exception here.I spoke my opinion on the show with effort to avoid saying anything to upset anybody. I just explained my desire to receive a better explanation on why this order exists. I did what I do best, I kept it REAL.-Psycho



Culture is migos' best album. You get everything you expect as they're entering the prime of their careers. It's kind of a short album but it's packed with hits. Other than the platinum single "Bad & Bougie," the track "slippery" is a surprise hit. Yes the album can get old due to some of migos' songs sounding similar. But overall it's hype music and for that, I like it.- DJ Fadeaway


Producers Stirred Up

Last week I interviewed Frenchie, who is a local artist. He's a 3rd year ECU student and says he's the best producer in Greenville. This stirred up a little tension on Twitter among fellow local producers.- Jay True



Last week on the True Shores Show, we posed the question that many debate over, the greatest rapper of all time. On our Thursday mix we had an Andre 3000 GOAT mix considering that was our chosen GOAT. We also interviewed local artist, Hollow.Soul about his upcoming project which is a follow up to his last project, "Hollow.Soul"- True Shores Show



      On the third week in the year 2017 we had the Inauguration of the 45th President of The United States, Donald Trump. The Inauguration was followed by the women’s march in Washington, D.C. I will continue to discuss topics like these despite the controversy these conversations may bring but my overall intention is to promote unity along the Pirate community. Besides the political topics, I also shed light onto January officially proclaimed as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. It’s going to get REAL in 2017. -DJPSYCHO



An unfortunate loss occurred this past Tuesday for our Lady Pirates. Women's basketball trailed behind Tulsa buy just 8 points. The game went into OT and the final score was 100-92. Although it was heartbreaking, I had an amazing time announcing the game in Tulsa. It was my first travel trip. I am so thankful I was able to take full advantage of this opportunity. Tune in next time to 91.3 FM to hear us live during games- Aileen


     The 1st Annual WZMB Z-Showcase was so much fun. Even though I wasn't very familiar with the artists that were lined up, I was not disappointed. ECU students, Aaron Geter, xBrodie, and Chris Puckett blew me away with their talent. I had no idea we had such hidden gems on our campus!! Local artists Marye Amanda and Quentin Rashad had really awesome sets as well. Marye Amanda played an acoustic set and Quentin rocked the stage with his hype energy. And then J-Alta, an ECU alumni, killed the finale performance as the headliner for the night! He had the crowd engaged the whole time. I can only image that the Z-Showcases are going to continue to get better and better every year with new talent emerging. Shout out to DJ Fadeaway for being on the 1s and 2s and DJ Psycho who kept the energy going throughout the showcase as the host. Aside from the performances, a handful of prizes were given out throughout the night from the raffle drawings. Who doesn't love free stuff? Don't miss out on this event next year!- LYSS DIAMOND



Being backstage at the Rae Sremmurd concert was a great experience; the level of excitement they brought was insane. I remember being backstage seeing some people who were with the group bring out bottles of water and whole pineapples. I thought to myself, what is that for? The next thing I know, they’re throwing it into the crowd. Swae Lee then jumped on top of some tall speakers. It was just a frenzy of high emotions and energy. What makes it even better is that they’re just cool people. When they're performing, they give off a good energy that makes them seem like they’re having the time of their lives. I'm glad that the Student Activities Board brought them out to ECU. -DJ FADEAWAY



Vince Staples

      Halloween fell on a Monday this year and I wasn't quiet sure how it was going to end up for students. I honestly thought that everyone was going to be over Halloween and Homecoming from the events that took place in the past weekend. But when 10pm rolled around and we arrived outside of the student rec center, there were buses upon buses pouring out students as they lined up waiting to get inside ECU's annual Halloween Havoc. I was curious to see what Halloween Havoc was going to offer this year since they changed the location from the Dowdy-Flicken stadium to the Student Recreation Center. One of my favorite parts about the night was the abundance of free food. There were so many things to do from laser tag, hitting the dance floor, participating in the fear factor room and the Halloween costume contest. They also had a haunted house and I thought that I was going to be disappointed, but I can say that they did a pretty good job this year and it really was scary. Just imagine the horror we felt being in a dark room filled with clowns. The one thing that I was super excited to try out this year was the Escape Room. A group of us got put in a room that had a "bomb" in it. We had 15 minutes to figure out different clues to stop the bomb from going off. It was extremely hard to figure out and we never stopped the bomb but it was still really fun. Shout out to ECU for hosting an event like this for students on Halloween. Free event, free food, free t shirts, free can't get better than that. -DJ LYSS DIAMOND


  Get A Clue

      I vowed to attend more campus events during my senior year. So far, I've only been to a few, but my favorite has been ECUs annual Get A Clue event on the Mall. It's an opportunity for students to learn about how to get involved on campus and in the community. Student and local organizations set up tables and fill up the mall as they engage students with important information about their organization. 
    What I love most about this event is seeing the range of diversity we have at ECU and witnessing the passion among different organizations and students who are looking to get involved. I think this event is particularly important because it allows students to meet new people outside of the classroom, gain professional experience, and ultimately make an impact on out campus. 

DJ Fadeaway Talks His Favorite Events of Fall '16 So Far

o IVibes & Vices showcase

My favorite event that I attended this semester so far would have to be Vibes and Vices. Vibes and Vices is a local artist showcase that highlights rappers, singers, producers, DJ's and more. It is a local event at Laced Boutique on the last Friday of every month, that's put together by local R&B group, Voudoux.

Beach Fest 2016 was a good experience. You have to love events that bring diverse groups of people together. People walking around and enjoying themselves while there's music playing just brings a good vibe. Plus free food always helps. I spent the evening with a good friend and we walked around and participated in everything that caught our eye. I enjoyed myself. 
Be sure to catch Thingking Out Loud w/ DJ Fadeaway every Monday & Friday at 5PM!

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