Women's Basketball Live on WZMB!

Tune in to WZMB on November 22nd at  2PM as the Lady Pirates head to Delaware. Led by John McCormick and Peyton Land! Listen on our Live Stream!

Rent & AIDS Awareness by Elishiah Reed

The latest episode of R.W.S. was all about AIDS awareness. Due to the upcoming production of the play, Rent, which opened on Thursday, November 18th in McGinnis Theatre, student performers have recently openly discussed AIDS. They have discussed how to be prevent its transmission and learned the methods how to get tested. For those interested in viewing the play or getting more information you can click here. The play will run from November 19th through November 24th at McGinnis Theatre on the main campus of East Carolina University. 

Play, Rent

WZMB's Indie Artist To Watch

Singer, Charlee Remitz

Charlee Remitz by Summer Collins

Charlee Remitz is a 19 year-old Hollywood recording artist debuting her first full-length album, Bright White Trims. The first single off the album, "King's Cup" destines Charlee's ambient pop sound for college parties and late night rendevous. After the success of her EP titled These Veins, Charlee packed up for California to continue making music and has been featured in many music forums. Listen to Charlee right here on WZMB 91.3! Tweet us your favorite song at @WZMB913!

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