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Planning a Youth Program or Camp

East Carolina University offers an array of resources to both East Carolina University Faculty, Staff and students as well as outside organizations and groups. In order to better serve you, please follow the link that applies to the audience you plan to serve OR the audience your organization will serve while utilizing East Carolina University facilities or resources:

These audiences are children and youth that are under the age of 18. If your program plans to serve or interact with these audiences, please follow the link for youth audiences.

Please keep in mind that the number of individuals being served should not be incorporated into your program's classification. It is possible for a program to serve both youth and adult audiences. If your program serves any youth, regardless of the number of adults served, please follow the link for youth audiences.

Creating a New Youth Program or Camp

ECU Sponsored/ Covered Program or Camp
All youth programs and camps must be approved by the appropriate department chair/unit director and dean or vice chancellor, in case of Student Affairs or Business/Finance programs per the "Authorization of Youth Programs and Camps" section of the Youth Programs and Camps Regulation.  Once the appropriate department chair/unit director and dean or vice chancellor, in case of Student Affairs or Business/Finance programs approves a program/camp, the Program/Camp Administrator shall submit the Youth Programs/Camps On-Line Authorization Request Form to the Youth Programs and Camps Office.  All Authorization Request forms shall be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the start date of the program/camp.  

Process for ECU Sponsored/Covered Programs: 

  1. Review and agree to follow the **University Youth Camps and Programs Regulation
  2. See Youth Programs and Camps Checklist to assist with completing Authorization Process
  3. Complete and submit Authorization of program form
  4. Take required trainings
  5. Background checks and screenings: (See YCP Regulation 8.2 on requirements for background checks)
  6. Receive final approval to operate program or camp
  7. Set up U-Store (for payments)
  8. Reserve facilities and begin registration 
  9. Approved forms for use:  

a)Liability waivers/Media releases

b)Medical treatment authorization forms  (Note: For use if your program/camp does not have this form)

c)Youth Programs and Camps Standards of Conduct Form for all staff and volunteers

d)ECU Sponsored Programs/Camps Accident Insurance Participation Form


**Responsibility for this policy rests with departmental leadership who shall ensure that their programs and activities involving minors are compliant with the University Youth Camps and Programs Regulation.


Non-ECU Affiliated/Third Party Program or Camp
Per East Carolina University’s Youth Programs and Camps Regulation, all Non-ECU/Third Party Contractors engaging in covered programs or activities are required to meet the requirements of this regulation as a term of their contract, including background checks and training. The covered ECU School/College/Department executing the contract involving a third-party contractor is responsible for submitting an Youth Programs and Camps Authorization Request form for all third-party covered programs, and ensuring the applicable portions of this regulation are met. Such contracts, before signing, shall be approved by either the department of Materials Management or the Office of University Counsel, with notification to the Youth Programs and Camps Office.

Submit a Youth Programs and Camps Authorization Request Form - Non-ECU Affiliated/ 3rd Party:


Group/Organization Campus Visits
While Group/Organization visits are not required to follow the Interim Regulation on Youth Programs and Camps as it relates to required training and background checks, these visits do need to comply with the regulation's requirement for volunteers/staff/chaperone ratios and elements related to participant safety/liability. Schools/Colleges/Departments wishing to host a group/organization for a campus visit must submit their request via the online form for  processing at least four weeks prior to the group/organization's preferred visit date. After your request is submitted, the Youth Programs and Camps office will contact you within 10 business days. Please do not finalize your plans until we confirm your requested date. Your request is not complete and your visit cannot be planned until this request form is returned and you have received confirmation from the Youth Programs and Camps Office.

Group/Organization visits could include information sessions, campus tours and ½ day to full day events. These are not typically overnight visits.  Groups interested in meals may contact Dining Service prior to visiting campus. Chaperones are required for each group and must meet the following guidelines to ensure supervision of youth at all times during the visit.  All groups must adhere to this requirement.

      • One staff member for every six participants ages 4 and 5
      • One staff member for every eight participants ages 6 to 8
      • One staff member for every ten participants ages 9 to 14
      • One staff member for every twelve participants ages 15 to 17


Submit a Special Groups: Campus Tours/Visit Request Form Request: