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Security Access System:

The ECU 1 Card office manages the security access system for East Carolina University for various buildings/areas located on Main campus, the Health Sciences campus, and off-campus.  We control the locking and unlocking of a large number of buildings/areas across campus and the issuance of access to these buildings/areas upon authorized approval via the ECU 1 Card.  The ECU Police department monitors this system 24/7.

Obtaining Access to a building/area:

You may request access to a building/area by finding and completing the appropriate building/area access form in the list below:

*Adobe Reader is required for these forms (please click here to download Adobe Reader)*

Main Campus:    
Health Sciences Campus:    
Off Campus Buildings:    

Please note:  We are currently testing the online security request forms process.  Therefore, all request forms have not been added to our website at this time.  We appreciate your patience while we test this process.