Brody School of Medicine

Division of Academic Affairs at the Brody School of Medicine


The Academic Affairs Division supports the mission of the Brody School of Medicine by encouraging excellence and innovation in teaching, research/scholarship, student development and community engagement as we strive to prepare students for a lifetime of professional and community contributions in a culturally diverse world. BSOM's faculty and staff includes outstanding physicians and scientists all of whom are enthusiastically committed to providing BSOM's students with a quality medical education.

The Division of Academic Affairs is committed to ensuring that students receive an academically rich learning experience through providing direction and support to the student service and educational focused departments of the division: Through a series of learning events and experiences, our students discover that our dedicated team of educators uniquely understand and respond to their desires to become skilled and confident in their chosen field. We provide our students with outstanding opportunities to apply their learning in real world environments. This sense of accomplishment is something that so many students proudly speak about when they recount their time at the Brody School of Medicine.

Elizabeth Baxley, MD
Elizabeth Baxley, MD
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs