Budget and Cost Analysis

Effective Date: 07/01/95
Revised 03/30/09


Section Contents

Introduction Statements

  1. Budget and Cost Analysis

  2. Primary Organizational Responsibility

Policy Statements

  1. University Budget Policy

  2. State Budget Policy

  3. Preparation of University State Budget Requests

  4. Establishing University State Budgets

  5. Maintenance of University State Budgets

  6. Dual Employment

Procedure Statements

  1. Planning and Administration of State Budgets

  2. Requesting Budget Revisions

  3. Budgets and Control of Holiday Premium Pay

  4. Budgets and Control of Shift Differential Pay

  5. Budgets and Control of Overtime Work and Pay

  6. Dual Employment

Appendix Statements

  1. Object Codes for Budgets and Expenditures
  2. Form CP-30 Dual Employment Certification