Materials Management

Effective Date: 03/01/2000 Updated: 06/03/09


Section Contents

Introduction Statements

  1. Purchasing, Stores, and Materials Management
  2. Responsibilities and Organization
Policy Statements
  1. Purchase Authorization
    Department Funds Grants and Contracts

  2. Solicitation by Sales Representative

  3. Service Demonstrations by Vendors
    Requested by Vendor Requested by Department Purchase after Demonstration

  4. Evaluation of Equipment for Vendors

  5. Correspondence with Vendors

  6. Conflict of Interest: State Statute

  7. Avoiding Conflict of Interest

  8. State Purchase Contracts

  9. Solicitation of Bids and Quotations

  10. Sole Source Purchases

  11. Waiver of Competitive Bidding

  12. Purchase from University Stores

  13. Student Store Purchases

  14. Printing and Duplicating/Off Campus

  15. Purchase Requisition

  16. Limited Check Request

  17. Confirming Purchase

  18. Unauthorized Purchases

  19. Purchasing Used Equipment

  20. Rental and Lease of Equipment

  21. Service Contracts

  22. Equipment Requiring Utility Service

  23. Purchase of Copiers

  24. Purchase of Air Conditioning Units

  25. Purchase of Furnishings

  26. Purchase of Computer Equipment

  27. Purchase of Airline Tickets

  28. Purchase of Live Animals for Research

  29. Purchase of Radioactive Materials

  30. Purchase of Controlled Substances

  31. Ethyl Alchol Regulations

  32. Purchase of Books

  33. Purchase of Subscriptions

  34. Purchases for Personal Use

  35. Personal Convenience Items

  36. Purchase of Refreshments

  37. Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages

  38. Purchase of Flowers

  39. Purchase of Cards and Decorations

  40. Consultant Services

  41. Contractural Services

  42. Minor Construction and Repair

  43. Expenditure Accounts

  44. Object Coding

  45. Purchase Order

  46. Changes to Purchase Orders

  47. Standing/University-Wide Open Purchase Orders

  48. American Express Corporate Credit Card Policies

  49. ProCard Procedures
  50. Emergency Purchases

  51. Delivery Within Fiscal Year

  52. Receiving Purchased Items

  53. Central Receiving Services

  54. Expediting and Follow-up Transactions

  55. Responsibility for Supplies and Equipment

  56. Returns of Merchandise
    Returns to University Storerooms Returns to Outside Vendors

  57. Repair of In-warranty Equipment

  58. Purchases by Treasurer's Voucher (Replaced by Banner Direct Payment Form)

  59. Federal Excise and State Sales Taxes

  60. Internal Billing

  61. Historically Underutilized Business Policy

  62. Fixed Assets Capital Equipment Inventory

  63. Transfer of Equipment from Campus
    Transfer of State-Owned Equipment
    Transfer of Federally-Owned Equipment

  64. Removal of University Equipment from Campus
    Unauthorized Removal Personal Use Authorized Off-Campus Use

  65. Federal Surplus Property

  66. State Surplus Property Purchases by State Agencies Personal Purchases by Individuals

  67. University Surplus Property

  68. Motor Vehicle Acquisition

  69. Motor Vehicle Rental

  70. Motor Vehicle Service and Repair

  71. Services for Outside Organizations

  72. Special and Institutional Trust Funds

Appendix Statements

  1. Frequently Asked Questions regarding Discretionary Funds

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