The Department of Comparative Medicine (DCM) is a basic science department in the Brody School of Medicine dedicated to supporting high quality science through excellent animal care.

Comparative Medicine personnel provide husbandry, technical and diagnostic services, veterinary care, surgical support, and assistance in protocol design. Faculty and staff also support the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee's activities.

There are two primary facilities operated by DCM, located on the Health Sciences Campus. Additional housing space is located on the East Campus and West Research Campus. Total square footage of facilities exceeds 75,000 SF.

DCM facilities are capable of housing a wide variety of species. Quarantine, barrier and containment housing are also available.

A fully staffed and equipped surgical suite and diagnostic laboratory are available for research support.

The animal care and use program at East Carolina University is USDA registered (#55-R-0010), maintains a PHS Assurance (#A3469-01), and is fully accredited by AAALAC International (File #677).

For more information about the Department of Comparative Medicine, please e-mail us (dcm@ecu.edu) or call 252-744-2420.