Memberships are available for purchase on an annual, semester or summer basis. Monthly memberships are not available. Membership includes the use of all CRW facilities. Additional costs are assessed for activities such as group fitness, instructional programs, adventure trips, and equipment rental.
Member Parking - Student Recreation Center

Parking is available in the A-1 lots North and South of the SRC and behind Mendenhall Student Center.

B, C or Retired Faculty Permits
SRC members (Faculty, Staff, Alumni) who have B, C or Retired Faculty permits will be able to park in these A-1 lots from 6:00 am – 8 am and between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm with a special temporary hang tag. This special temporary permit may be obtained free of charge from the SRC Main Office. Both the permanent parking pass and the special hang tag must be displayed.

General C Parking Permits
General C parking permits can be purchased at the ECU Parking & Traffic Office for fee.

Metered Spaces
Two hour metered spaces are available in the North and South parking lots and behind Mendenhall Student Center. The metered spaces will not be ticketed for SRC members during the special limited times.