Army leaders are Soldiers First. They must be able to lead Soldiers in tactical situations and be proficient in basic Soldier skills. To ensure this, the Pirate Battalion trains Cadets on Soldier skills such as the following:


Basic Rifle marksmanship


Rappel Tower


Land Navigation/ Orienteering


Combat Water Survival Training


Obstacle Course


Tactical Training

Additionally, Pirate Battalion Cadets receive tactical instruction on squad battle drills and have opportunities to compete to attend Army Airborne, Air Assault, Mountaineering, and Mountain Warfare schools. In the past two years we have sent 10 Cadets to Airborne, Air Assault, or Mountain Warfare school.

The final major training event that you will participate in Advance Camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky. You attend Advance Camp between your junior and senior years and successful completion is required for commissioning. 22 of our Cadets completed the training in 2013 and 7 of the received an overall excellent rating. This rating is received by the top 20% of Cadets at Advance Camp.

As you can see, the Pirate Battalion is absolutely committed to first rate training that will prepare you for the challenges you will have as an Army officer.

Current as of Friday, November 6, 2015