Emerging Academic Initiatives
DE Student Orientation


To assist campus and distance education students in their academic programs, the university has established in each college, school, and department a system of academic advising whereby the student is assigned to a faculty member or a professional advisor who serves as his or her advisor. The advisor helps to plan the student’s academic program, particularly during registration periods; keeps a record of his or her progress; and is available throughout the year for additional advising. To obtain the name of their assigned advisor, students should go to ECU OneStop ( Advisors will make every attempt to give effective guidance to students in academic matters and to refer students to those qualified to help them in other matters. The responsibility for meeting all academic requirements for a selected program rests with the student; however in addition to his or her advisor, the student may obtain help from the chairperson of the major department or the dean of the college or school. Upon admission to the university, students are advised in the appropriate areas as follows:

  • Distance education students are advised by a faculty member and/or professional advisor in the major program. (Students are assigned to the Division of Continuing Studies, which provides additional online services. See Division of Continuing Studies, below. For academic advising, consult the major program unit.)

  • On-campus freshmen and sophomore students are advised in the General College, unless otherwise specified below, until a major is declared. Students admitted directly into a degree program are advised in that unit. (Consult academic unit.) Students admitted under the nontraditional student admissions policy will be advised by General College advisors until they have satisfied both the stipulations of their letter of admission and the requirements for admission to their major.

Registration is done online. Once you are admitted, you can contact your advisor for your specific program at the following: If you click on the name of the college you will get a listing of advisors.