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Here Are Some Instructions on Applying

Who Are We?

PTC Tutors are volunteers who are dedicated to helping fellow Pirates succeed. Selected student tutors must maintain at least a 3.0 overall GPA, received an A in the subject they tutor, and submit a faculty reference. Tutors earn a  service record for tutoring.

Students who wish to be a PTC Tutor should complete an Peer Tutor Application and submit a copy to the Pirate Tutoring Center main office, 2300 Old Cafeteria Complex or by e-mail to

Peer Tutor Application

Peer Tutor Faculty Recommendation

Work Study students are encouraged to apply to work at the Pirate Tutoring Center either as a tutor (if qualified) or as an office assistant. Interested students should return a completed application to the PTC main office.

Work Study Application


Daytime Tutors are paid tutors who host daytime appointments and workshops. These tutors assist with lower demand classes that don't require nighttime availability. Students should apply for this position if they have the skills and capabilities as a LEAD Tutor, but wish to work only during the day.

Daytime Tutor Application

Daytime Tutor Faculty Recommendation


LEAD Tutors provide daytime appointment tutoring, test review sessions, and course leadership on tutoring nights. Students selected as a LEAD Tutor must have faculty references in the tutoring course area, a record of outstanding academic performance and excellent communication and teaching skills.

LEAD Tutor Application

LEAD Tutor Faculty Recommendation