School/College Recognition Ceremonies Spring 2016

After East Carolina University’s Commencement Ceremony at Dowdy Ficklen Stadium some schools/colleges will hold recognition ceremonies for their graduates.  The School/College Recognition page provides updated information for the time and location of those ceremonies.TicketingSome recognition ceremonies will require tickets, please contact individual School/Colleges for more information.

With the loss of parking spaces south of Mendenhall Student Center and Joyner Library parking will be limited on the main campus. The two parking maps listed below present the parking options in an easy to follow format for East and West  ends of campus. One must only find their unit ceremony venue and then locate the highlighted “Ceremony Parking.” Not all parking options will be located directly outside the door to your particular venue but university have have reviewed past iterations and parking trends in these areas and it will be much more efficient for guests to be directed to a location where we know there will be an available parking spot. There will have Parking Control Officers stationed at key locations on campus to direct attendees to the proper location and to give directions to individual ceremonies.

East End of Campus Parking Locations

West End of Campus Parking Locations

Friday, May 6, 2016

Brody Auditorium
2:00 pm - Sociology (252-328-6193)

ECU Heart Institute

1:00 pm - Master of Public Health (252-744-4079)

Fletcher Music Hall

2:00 pm - Geography

Great Rooms  (Mendenhall Student Center)
2:00 pm - History (252-328-6587)

Hendrix Theatre (Mendenhall Student Center)
2:00 pm - Criminal Justice (NO LONGER IN BRODY AUDITORIUM)
5:00 pm - Political Science (252-328-6189)
8:00 pm - Music (252-328-6851)

Howell B 103
2:30 pm - Math

McGinnis Theatre

2:00 pm - Theatre & Dance (252-328-6390)

Minges Coliseum

2:00 pm - Business (252-328-6377)
5:00 pm - Allied Health
8:00 pm - Nursing (252-744-6372)

Willis Building Auditorium
2:00 pm - Anthropology (252-328-9430)

Wright Auditorium

2:00 pm - Psychology (252-328-6800)
5:00 pm - School of Medicine
8:00 pm - Communications (252-328-4227)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

ECU Heart Institute
  9:00am - Doctor of Physical Therapy (252-744-6239)

Hendrix Theatre (Mendenhall Student Center)

  9:00am - Art (252-328-1287)
12:00pm - Chemistry
  3:00pm - Economics (252-328-6006)
  6:00pm - English (252-328-6041)

Minges Coliseum

  9:00am - Education (252-328-4260)
12:00pm - Health and Human Performance (252-328-4630)
  3:00pm - College of Engineering and Technology (252-328-9600)

Wright Auditorium
  9:00am - Biology (252-328-6718)
12:00pm - School of Dental Medicine
  3:00pm - University Studies (NO LONGER AT HENDRIX on Friday)