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About the EC Scholars Award

The EC Scholar award is offered to the top students in our entering freshman class. EC Scholars exhibit outstanding academic performance, engagement in the community, effective leadership skills, and embrace a study abroad experience. The scholarship program includes:

  • $40,000 ($5,000 per semester for eight continuous semesters) in addition to the Honors College scholarship that equals the value of in-state tuition
  • $5,000 stipend to support a required Study Abroad experience
  • Research internship placement alongside faculty and graduate students
  • Enrichment experiences in Charleston, South Carolina and Washington, D.C.
  • Pre-College, team-building retreat in North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Students who are selected as EC Scholar finalists and invited to Selection Sunday are also eligible for discipline-based scholarships in the following areas: business, humanities, music, nursing, and social science. These are also four-year awards valued at $12,000 total and can be added to the support of the EC Scholars and Honors College scholarships.

As an EC Scholar, you will receive the benefits of being an Honors College student as well. Honors College benefits include:
  • Scholarship support at the amount equal to in-state tuition for eight continuous semesters
  • Living and learning in a collegial residence environment
  • Access to a wide array of innovative Honors seminars and colloquia
  • Dedicated individual and group study spaces in key locations on campus
  • Priority course registration
  • Graduate-level borrowing privileges at Joyner Library
  • Additional advising and support
  • Leadership and community engagement opportunities in eastern North Carolina and beyond

The EC Scholars program is a merit scholarship program established in 1998 that attracts high-ability students to East Carolina University who have the promise and capability to become scholars and leaders in eastern North Carolina and beyond. This is the most prestigious scholarship offered at East Carolina University.

We welcome inquiries about the program! For additional information about the EC Scholars Program, please e-mail or contact Dr. Todd Fraley, Director of the EC Scholars Award Program at or call 252.737.5083.