The third regular meeting of the 2007-2008 Faculty Senate will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2007, at 2:10 in the Mendenhall Student Center Great Room. 



  I.        Call to Order


 II.         Approval of Minutes

            October 9, 2007


III.         Special Order of the Day

            A.        Roll Call


            B.        Announcements


            C.        Steve Ballard, Chancellor


D.        Deirdre Mageean, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies    


            E.        Judi Bailey, Senior Executive Director of Enrollment Management

Report on the Offices of Financial Aid and Student Financial Services and the Enrollment Management organizational chart 


            F.         Mark Taggart, Chair of the Faculty


            G.        Approval of the Fall 2007 Graduation Roster, including honors program graduates


            H.        Question Period 


IV.        Unfinished Business   


 V.       Report of Committees

            A.        Educational Policies and Planning Committee, Dale Knickerbocker

Authorization to plan a Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences in the Brody School of Medicine


B.        Faculty Welfare Committee, Bruce Southard

Proposed Revisions to the ECU Faculty Manual, Part VI. and Appendix C. (attachment 1).


C.        University Curriculum Committee, Janice Neil

Curriculum matters contained in the minutes of the October 11, 2007, Committee Meeting. 


VI.        New Business

            A.        Resolution on ECU SPA Employees, Ken Wilson (attachment 2).


B.        Resolution on James LeRoy Smith, Dale Knickerbocker (attachment 3).



Faculty Senate Agenda

November 6, 2007

Attachment  1.



Proposed Revisions to the ECU Faculty Manual, Part VI. and Appendix C.


Delete the following, noted by strikethrough, in Part VI. Section I.I.1. because it does not relate to insurance and conflicts with text currently in Appendix C. Section I.D.4.


Part VI. Section I.I.1.

“I.   Retirement

1.         Insurance

Upon receiving written confirmation of intent to retire by a tenured faculty member with ten or more years of full-time service to East Carolina University, the unit head shall notify the unit personnel committee which, in turn, may recommend granting the retiree emeritus status.  Its decision shall then be forwarded to the unit head and other appropriate administrative officers in the same manner as other personnel recommendations for their concurrence or nonconcurrence.  All full-time employees of the university with a permanent appointment must participate in the North Carolina Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System with the exception that employees who hold faculty rank are eligible to choose between the North Carolina Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System (TSERS) or the Optional Retirement Program (ORP). When first employed or when given a permanent appointment, all employees should contact the department of Human Resources to be enrolled in the retirement system.  Once the eligible employee has made a choice and enrolled in the system he or she selects, the decision will be irrevocable.  It is not possible to change from one program to the other during employment in an eligible position.  All members of TSERS or ORP will contribute 6 percent of their earnings, including summer session salaries.  All retirement contributions to either TSERS or to ORP are tax sheltered from federal and state withholding taxes. For those who teach a regular nine-month school term and who are active members of TSERS, one year of creditable service is allowed for retirement purposes. The employee in TSERS should apply for retirement benefits at least thirty days but not more than ninety days prior to the effective date.  Arrangements for retirement should be made at the university department of Human Resources.  For those in ORP, individual guidance from the ORP representatives is always available.  A few months before retirement age, the employee will receive information and specific figures for options in regard to retirement benefits from ORP.”


Add the following, noted in bold print to Part VI. Section I.2.b.  to provide clarity.


Part VI. Section I.2.b.

 “b.       Upon the recommendation of the unit personnel committee, unit head, and appropriate dean, the appropriate vice chancellor may grant the faculty retiree emeritus status (as defined in Appendix C.) which includes the items listed above under Section I.I.2.a. and, in addition, the following privileges:

1)         Access to recreational facilities under the same conditions as active faculty.

2)         Continuance of eligibility to march, wearing appropriate regalia, in University commencement exercised and other University formal processions, as active faculty.

(Faculty Senate Resolution #98-25, October 1998)“


Add the following, noted in bold print to Appendix C. Section I.D.4. to provide additional clarity.


Appendix C. Section I.D.4.

“4.        Emeritus status

The titles “emeritus” and “emerita” will be conferred upon those retired faculty with ten or more years of service to East Carolina University, including those on Phased Retirement, who have made a significant contribution to the university through a long and distinguished record of scholarship, teaching, and/or service.   




Faculty Senate Agenda

November 6, 2007

Attachment  2.




Whereas,       the University has adopted several new computer applications in the last several years (including CommonSpot, the PeopleAdmin system, Banner Student, Banner Finance, Banner HR, and Sedona).


Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Faculty Senate expresses its sincere praise and appreciation for the diligent hard work put forth by ECU SPA employees to overcome the difficulties associated with each of these transitions.


Be It Further Resolved that the Faculty Senate recognizes that the University could not operate without these important members of the ECU team.





Faculty Senate Agenda

November 6, 2007

Attachment  3.




Whereas,       James LeRoy Smith has been a champion of shared governance as a faculty member, Chair of the Faculty, Faculty Assembly representative, and in various administrative capacities; and


Whereas,       James LeRoy Smith has been a beacon of integrity, reasoned discourse, and receptiveness to faculty input and dialogue within our administration; and


Whereas,       James LeRoy Smith has been an anchor for ECU during periods of turbulence and transition; and


Whereas,       James LeRoy Smith’s dedication to teaching is well known; and


Whereas,       throughout his career, his unflagging and tireless dedication to East Carolina University, the region of Eastern North Carolina and the people of this state have demonstrated James LeRoy Smith to be the personification of ECU’s motto “Servire”.


Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the membership of the Faculty Senate of East Carolina University expresses its profound respect for and gratitude to Professor James LeRoy Smith, and wishes him well on his return to full-time teaching and research.