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The third regular meeting of the 2002-2003 Faculty Senate will be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2002, at 2:10 in the Mendenhall Student Center Great Room. 




I.     Call to Order


 II.      Approval of Minutes


         October 1, 2002


III.      Special Order of the Day


         A.     Roll Call


         B.     Announcements


         C.     William Muse, Chancellor


         D.     Vice Chancellor’s Report


         E.     Bob Morrison, Chair of the Faculty


         F.      George Harrell, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Operations

                     Discussion of the Proposed Parking and Traffic Plan


         G.     Jeanette D. Selby-Lucas, Special Assistant to the Provost

                     Discussion of Ongoing Activities


         H.     Approval of the Fall 2002 Graduation Roster, including honors program graduates.


         I.       Question Period 


IV.     Unfinished Business   


V.   Report of Committees


A.     University Curriculum Committee, Dale Knickerbocker

Curriculum matters contained in the minutes of the September 26, 2002, and

October 10, 2002, Committee Meeting. 


         B.     Academic Standards Committee, John Tilley

Proposed Revision to the ECU Undergraduate Catalog, Section 5. Academic Regulations, Auditing Courses (attachment).


C.     Unit Code Screening Committee, Ralph Scott

                     Revised School of Human Environmental Sciences’ Unit Code of Operation.


VI.     New Business









Proposed Revision to the ECU Undergraduate Catalog,

Section 5. Academic Regulations, Auditing Courses




The Academic Standards Committee recommends that the language relative to auditing courses in the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogues (Section 5: Academic Regulations) be revised to incorporate the following sentence as follows (noted in bold print): 



Auditing a course consists of attending classes and listening but taking no part in the class. An auditor is not responsible for any assignments, nor is he or she allowed to take any tests or examinations. However, in order to have the audited course recorded on the official transcript, a student must attend classes regularly. An auditor may not enroll in a participation course (art classes, laboratories, etc.). Under no circumstances will a grade be assigned, evaluations be made, or performance reports be issued on a student auditing a course. Auditing a course or part of a course is contingent upon the approval of the instructor and the appropriate departmental chairperson or school dean. Students may not register to audit a course until the last day of the drop/add period. Persons who wish to attend university classes without earning credit must be admitted to the university before seeking approval to audit any course. Individuals enrolled as nondegree undergraduate students will be assigned to the University College for assistance with registration. The applicants shall then complete the prescribed procedure for registering through the Office of the Registrar and pay the audit fee to the cashier’s office before attendance in classes is permitted.

Students regularly enrolled in the university wishing to audit course(s) must initiate the approval process with their adviser.  A student may audit no more than two courses in any semester.