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The first regular meeting of the 2004-2005 Faculty Senate will be held on Tuesday, September 14, 2004, at 2:10 in the Mendenhall Student Center Great Room. 




  I.           Call to Order


 II.           Approval of Minutes

               March 30, 2004, April 20, 2004, and April 27, 2004    


III.           Special Order of the Day

A.            Roll Call


B.           Announcements


C.           Jim Smith, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 


D.           Nick Floyd, Interim Director of Athletics


E.           David Dosser, Chair

University Athletics Committee and Academic Integrity Subcommittee


F.            Toya Jacobs, Associate Director

         Intercultural Student Affairs and Ledonia Wright Cultural Center


G.           Catherine Rigsby, Chair of the Faculty


H.           Question Period


 IV.          Unfinished Business

               Faculty Officers Nominating Committee, Dale Knickerbocker

               Election of a Vice Chair of the Faculty.


V.                    Report of Committees

A.       Committee on Committees, Henry Ferrell

Nomination of alternate members to the Appellate Grievance Board and Appellate Hearing Committee (Attachment 1).


B.      Educational Policies and Planning Committee

For Information Only:

a.         Notification of Intent to Plan a MS in Construction Management.

b.         Changes in the MS Industrial Technology and MS Occupational Safety programs.


               C.     University Budget Committee, Henry Ferrell

               State Budget Summary for 2004-2005 (attachment 2).


VI.           New Business

Election of three faculty members to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Search Committee.


Election of three faculty members to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies Search Committee.



Faculty Senate Meeting

September 14, 2004

Unfinished Business




Election of Vice Chair of the Faculty



Dee Dee Glascoff, Health and Human Performance

I want to thank the ECU Faculty Senate for the honor of being nominated for the position of Vice Chair.  I am an associate professor in the School of Health and Human Performance in the Department of Health Education and Promotion. 


I have been a faculty member at ECU for sixteen years.  Over that time, I have witnessed a series of chancellors, vice chancellors, deans, and athletic directors.  I have seen new schools and colleges appear while some departments split, merge, or morph.  I have seen changes in how promotion, reappointment, and tenure are evaluated, how the dossier is assembled, how our pay raises are determined, and where we park.    While we may not think we have much to say about most of these changes, it is through the faculty senate that we have a voice in how the university operates.  I am passionate about the voice of the faculty in the shared faculty governance process.  I have been a faculty senator or alternate for most of my sixteen years at ECU, including this year.   I am currently one of our university’s representatives to the Faculty Assembly.  I have served and continue to serve on a variety of senate committees.  I currently chair the Faculty Governance Committee.  I am proud that there is a way to have my voice heard.   In the role of vice chair, I will continue to speak with, speak up, and speak out for the faculty and for the university. 



Ralph Scott, Academic Library Services

As we welcome a new administration and the coming Centennial of our University, I hope to see a renewal of faculty participation in shared governance. Shared governance is not something that we can take for granted, but it is rather a dialog that must continually be re-energized. The constant challenge with shared governance is to provide both meaningful and timely input into university decision making.  The ECU shared governance model has served us well in the past and will continue to in the future.  As Vice-Chair I can provide this voice for the faculty. I bring to shared governance a 35 year history of serving on various shared governance committees here. I have served on the Unit Code Screening Committee, the Faculty Governance Committee, Student Academic Appellate Committee and now on the University Budget Committee. I was the Secretary of the 1989 Due Process Hearing Board and then as Chair of the 1998 Board.  I believe in both cases we presented the Chancellor with recommendations that were fair to both the university and the faculty member involved. Our faculty appellate committees represent I believe one of the key elements of our shared system of faculty governance.  I am also a past-president of the North Carolina Conference of the American Association of University Professors and have served as Treasurer from 1996-2002. I have been a member of the national AAUP since coming to ECU in 1970.   At East Carolina I have been an effective voice for faculty on many levels. I would appreciate your vote for Vice Chair of the Faculty.




Attachment 1.



Nominee for the Appellate Grievance Board  - Tim Hudson, Mathematics

Regular Members

Marcela Ruiz-Funes

Foreign Languages & Literatures


Andrew Stuart

Allied Health Sciences


Alexandra Shlapentokh



Tinsley Yarbrough 

Political Science


Jonathan Wacker



Punam Madhok

Art and Design


Edson Justiniano



Alternate Members    Open 2005 term

Mary Kirkpatrick



Kathleen Treole Cox

Allied Health Sciences


Judy Bernhardt



Angela Thompson





Nominee for the Appellate Hearing Committee – Saeed Dar, Medicine

Regular Members

Jack Karns



Art Rodriquez 



Beth Winstead

Academic Library Services


Worth Worthington



Greg Lapicki



Alternate Members            Open 2005 term

Boni Boswell

Health & Human Performance


Beth Velde

Allied Health Sciences


Richard Mauger



K. Gopalakrishnan

Technology and Computer Science



Faculty Senate Meeting

September 14, 2004

Attachment 2.




State Budget Summary for 2004-2005



Linked to this report is a comparison of the budget proposals by the Governor, the House and the Senate and the impact on East Carolina University.

The positive points include funding of the Enrollment Growth ($14.3 million) and Need Based Financial Aid ($3.2 million).  It was our hope that there would not be any budget reductions after absorbing $49 million in one-time and permanent budget reductions over the last five years despite increasing enrollment by 3,000 students with the potential for an increase of close to 1,000 students in 2004-2005.  The permanent budget reduction was 1.47%, totaling $2.5 million for both budget codes.   In addition, there is the potential for an additional one-time budget reduction of $2 million, ($220,000 for ECU), to fund a future facilities study.


For our SPA employees, the budget approved a 2.5% increase or $1,000 whichever was greater.   With respect to EPA salary funds, $1,000 minimum was approved with additional funds provided primarily for merit purposes, in accordance with the Board of Governors guidelines.   As we move forward, Chancellor Ballard is committed to establishing additional compensation pools to recognize excellence and promote high performance.


The State Enrollment Funding Model, which is used to pay for new faculty positions, academic, library and general institutional support expenses, generated 97 new faculty positions after adjustments for prior year one-time budget reductions and the current 1.47% permanent budget cut.   The growth in Distance Education generated about 75% of the enrollment increase funding.