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Graduate Curriculum Committee (GCC) Agenda - revised
Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 2:00 p.m.
1511 Greenville Centre

Call to Order

  1. The 08-31-11 GCC minutes were approved electronically and forwarded to the GSAB for agenda placement.
  2. The 09-07-11 GCC minutes will be distributed via e-mail for an electronic vote then forwarded to the GSAB for agenda placement.
  3. 09-09-11 curriculum development workshop and UCC/GCC liaison/resource person orientation events; 09-14-11 repeatable courses workshop.
  4. 09-30-11 Academic Program Development Workshop
  5. GCC role in review of HIIM program development package.

Brody School of Medicine
Department of Public Health
(Kenneth DeVille)

College of Human Ecology
School of Social Work
(Mary Jackson)

College of Allied Health Sciences - postponed to 10-05-11 agenda
Department of Health Services and Information Management
(Laura Ball, Paul Bell, and Xiaoming Zeng)

Old Business

  1. Provide feedback regarding the new APD chapter of the GCC manual.
  2. Implement any actions recommended by the Academic Council relative to 5000-level courses.
  3. Focus on deleting or banking courses not in use when adding new courses.
  4. Send forward a motion to the GSAB for a policy on deleting courses that have not been offered or had no enrollment for a specific time period.
  5. Vice Chair Decker recommended the GCC continue their work with the Graduate Working Group on 3.6.2 Graduate Curriculum.
  6. Develop training modules utilizing Media site technology with topics to include: Pieces in a Curriculum Development Package, Completion of the Course Proposal Form, and/or Tips for Certificate Planners. Recordings to be posted on the GCC Web site.
  7. Video/audio record the resource persons' workshop and post on the GCC Web site.

New Business

  1. SACS Principle 4.9 - Draft guideline addressing course credit for manual and/or Web site.
  2. Proposal justifications - Draft text for manual and/or proposal form.
  3. Revision of Signature Form for GCC Curricular Changes (REVISED)


Current as of
Tuesday, October 18, 2011