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Thank you for your interest in Graduate Programs at East Carolina University.  The information below will guide you through the application and admissions process for the Graduate School. If you would like to receive additional information or ask questions, please sign up by clicking the "Request More Information" link below.

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Academic Programs

Eligibility to Pursue a Graduate Program

To qualify for admissions to a graduate degree program, an applicant must hold a baccalaureate degree from an institution accredited by a regional accrediting body.

Professional Licensure Disclosure Statement

All ECU academic programs prepare students to sit for applicable licensure in North Carolina. In order to comply with U.S. Department of Education regulations regarding distance education and professional licensure, ECU is required to make the following disclosure with respect to professional licensure outside the state of North Carolina: ECU cannot confirm whether a particular program meets requirements for professional licensure outside of the State of North Carolina. Please contact applicable licensure board(s) in any state you may want to pursue licensure prior to beginning the academic program in order to determine whether the program meets licensure requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm program eligibility for licensure in any state outside North Carolina.

Important Note to Residents outside North Carolina

Admission of applicants outside the State of North Carolina to an online degree, certificate or individual online course offered by East Carolina University, is dependent on ECU's ability to secure authorization from the applicant's state of residence, if such authorization is required.

Due to evolving changes in higher education regulations, ECU will no longer be able to offer distance education online programs or courses for students residing in District of Columbia (DC), Kentucky, Minnesota, Oregon, or Utah. We are also unable to offer distance education online programs or courses that have experiential learning activities to students residing in Ohio, except for those taking courses to pursue ECU's Nursing - MSN -Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Program and Nursing - CNS - Clinical Nurse Specialist. For the most current list of states, visit this link ECU continues to work with state authorities to allow students in these states who are currently enrolled in an ECU online or certificate program to complete their degree. 

Additionally, students enrolled in programs or courses that require internships or supervised clinical placements will be unable to complete these activities in the states listed. Because authorization is an evolving area, please check this site again for the latest statement from ECU. For questions or concerns specific to the state authorization process, please contact us at


Learn About Your Program

Visit the website of the program and contact the program director to find details regarding the program and its requirements. Start by finding your MastersDoctoral, or Other Graduate Program on the Find Your Program page. Admission requirements and deadlines differ for each program, so be certain to identify the specific requirements for your program. Discuss your goals with the program director to determine whether the degree and the program is the best fit for your needs. In some research-oriented programs, it is useful for prospective graduate students to identify a potential research supervisor before applying. The best potential supervisor is one who is doing research in an area close to your interests. Programs will often have a list of faculty members/potential supervisors and their research interests on their website. Follow program instructions on how best to approach potential supervisors.

Review Application Deadlines

The completed application packet must be received by the Graduate School by program-defined deadlines to insure that the application is given full consideration. Be sure to check program requirements closely as some programs only admit students once per year and not all programs have the same deadline for applications. Applications will be processed until individual programs notify us that they have reached their deadline or capacity for a given term.

The Graduate School's Cut-Off Deadline is the last day a paid application of any kind can be submitted for that term. This deadline is of primary concern to non-degree applicants and applicants to programs with rolling deadlines.  

Cut-Off deadlines: 

FallAugust 15th
Spring (New and Readmit applications)December 20th
1st & 11-week Summer
May 5th
2nd Summer
June 15th


Complete the Application Online

The online application requires you to create an account before starting an application. There are known compatibility issues when using Internet Explorer. It is preferred that you create an account and fill out the online application using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. After creating an account you will be able to submit your application for your intended program. You can log into the system at any time and manage your application. Be prepared to spend about 20 minutes on the application as well as paying the $70 application fee . After you submit the application you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay the application fee. Please read all instructions carefully on the application as well as any email communication you receive. In addition to personal information you will be asked questions to determine residency status and questions pertaining to campus safety. Review the Application Types tab to ensure you select the right application type.

A non-refundable application fee of $70 is required for each application submitted. Your application is not reviewed by the Graduate School until after your application fee is received. The Payment Portal accepts Visa, Mastercard or Discover only. We must emphasize that the application fee cannot be refunded, so be certain you are submitting the correct application before paying the fee. Application fee waivers are available in special cases. These questions will be asked at the end of the application. There are instructions on what you will need to do to be verified for an application fee waiver. Please follow those instructions precisely.

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Submit Transcripts to the Graduate School

ECU requires official transcripts for all earned post-secondary degrees and all post-secondary course work completed within 5 years of the date of application. Additional transcripts are required for transfer credits in excess of 50% of the credits required for a post-secondary degree. An original transcript is always required - no faxes or email attachments. Transcripts should be submitted electronically through a secure transcript service such as Parchment, e-Scrip or Avow to or mailed to the Graduate School at the following address:

ECU Graduate School
131 Ragsdale Hall, Mail Stop 570
Greenville, NC 27858

ECU Transcripts

If you attended East Carolina University, your ECU transcript will automatically be retrieved and sent to the Graduate School. If a hold is found on your record, the transcript will not be retrieved and you will have to first remove the hold and then contact the Registrar's Office to request your transcript and pay any associated fees. If any ECU coursework was taken before 1991 we cannot automatically retrieve a transcript for you. You will need to contact the Registrar to obtain a transcript. You will be notified via email about the status of your ECU transcript after your application is submitted.

GPA Calculations

The Graduate School provides two GPA calculations to programs for use during their application review.

  • Undergraduate GPA - The GPA from your degree granting institution. If you took less than 60 semester hours from your degree granting institution, we will use hours from previous transcripts to calculate a GPA.
  • Post-bac GPA - Cumulative GPA of courses taken after the first earned bachelor's degree. This GPA is calculated if the applicant has 18 or more semester hours of post-bac coursework.
Bachelor's Degree over 10 years old
If your bachelor's degree was awarded more than 10 years ago, reduced transcript requirements may be in place.

Following submission of the online application, your academic credentials will be reviewed and required transcripts will be displayed on your Checklist. If you submit transcripts or other materials prior to submitting an application, these documents will be held in our office for 3 months. If an application is not submitted by that time, the documents will be destroyed.

Your checklist will contain the item "Final Transcript." This is used for the Graduate School to record that we have received the transcript that shows your awarded undergraduate degree. If your program's deadline comes before or close to your undergraduate graduation, please submit a current transcript. Your application will continue to be processed and we will send it to the program for review without your final, degree-awarded transcript. You will need to request to have a complete transcript sent to the Graduate School once the degree and conferral date have been posted.

Submit Test Scores

All Master's and Doctoral programs (except the MFA) require an official standardized test score: GREMAT or GMAT. Some certificate programs require a test score. See your program's website for the test required and any score minimums they may recommend. Test scores must come from the testing service; score printouts are not accepted.

East Carolina University's codes: GRE (5180), MAT (1354), GMAT-MSA (HF3-LV-64), GMAT-MBA (HF3-LV-16)

Professional Admission track - Applicants whose undergraduate degree is approximately 10 years old with significant, relevant experience in the field of study may be considered for Professional Admission and receive a waiver of the test score requirement. If you meet the criteria, contact your graduate program director to inquire about this option.

Previous Master's Test Score Waiver - Applicants who have already earned a Master's degree or higher may be considered for a waiver of the test score requirement. Please contact your graduate program director to inquire about this option.

Submit All Other Application Requirements

Refer to your program's specific requirements and your application checklist to determine the requirements that apply to you. The Graduate School will not accept documents that are not required by your program. An application is not sent to the program for their review until all requirements that are required by the program for consideration are received. Click above on the Additional Requirements tab to find out more information.

Application Status

After you apply, please be sure to retain your account username and password. You will be able to check the status of your application by returning to your account and logging in. If you have questions about the application process, please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

You can access your account at any time to check the status of your application to confirm receipt of supplemental materials. Finally, you will receive an email confirming that your application is complete and will be sent to your program for review. If you do not receive any of these emails after submitting your application, please contact the Graduate School.

Once the application is sent to the program for review, the Graduate Admissions office can no longer update you on the status of your application. Some programs review and make a decision as soon as the application is received; others review their full pool of applicants at one time. For information about the timeline for an admission decision, please contact your program.


The Graduate School sends all completed applications to the program for their review and decision. Each graduate program decides on the admissibility of its students. Once a decision is made you will receive an email notification to log into the system and view your decision.

Application Types

  1. Masters - Application for Master's degree program
  3. Doctoral - Application for doctoral degree program (PhD, EdD, DPT, DNP, AuD), the EdS program, and MA/CAS Psychology program
  5. Certificate - Application for Certificate program.  While most certificates are available to an applicant with an earned bachelor's degree, some certificates require a Masters enrollment or completion for admission. Review the requirements for your desired certificate prior to applying.

  6. Non-Degree - For students interested in taking graduate courses but not interested in obtaining a graduate degree or certificate at this time. Typical non-degree applicants include visiting students, individuals taking courses for personal/professional enrichment, or individuals taking prerequisite course work for later application to a degree program. Non-degree applicants need only to submit an official transcript showing an awarded bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited institution. Admission will not be granted until this transcript is received. Financial aid is not available for non-degree students.

    Please note: Completing courses as a non-degree student offers no assurance that a student will be accepted into a graduate program at some future date. If accepted into a program at a future date, no more than nine non-degree credits may be counted towards a degree or certificate program, and then, only by consent of the student's graduate advisory committee and department chair.

    Students interested in taking a course as a non-degree student should contact the program or department that houses that course. Admission as a non-degree student does not guarantee enrollment. Not all programs allow non-degree students in their graduate courses - the College of Business and the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders are examples of programs with strict requirements for non-degree enrollment. The College of Nursing will not enroll non-degree students due to course demand by degree-seeking students.
  8. Readmit 
    The Readmit application is used in the following situations:
    - You were admitted to the Graduate School, began taking courses, and then took at least a Fall or Spring term off. The Readmit application can be used if you have been away from the University for less than three years.

    - You were admitted to the Graduate School but did not enroll in courses. The Readmit application can be used for one year past your initial admission term.

    - You were denied by a program and you wish again to seek admission to that same program within one year of your initial application term.

    There is no fee for the Readmit application. If you are unsure if a Readmit application is appropriate for your situation, please contact the Graduate School for assistance.

Additional Application Requirements

Letters of Reference

When gathering letters of recommendation, approach people who can provide a strong, personal letter that focuses on your academic and intellectual abilities. Comments on your positive character traits and professional experience, while helpful, are not as relevant as comments on your ability to succeed academically. Reference providers must submit their letters electronically. All letters of reference will be submitted through GradApply. Applicants will enter their person of choice and automatic communication will be emailed to them to complete a form and upload their letter of reference.

Statement of Purpose

The Statement of Purpose is an essay describing your academic interests and how you would intend to pursue them in the graduate program at ECU. This writing sample is a very important part of your application and is given considerable weight by most graduate programs. Be sure to state your academic interests clearly and include reasons why ECU is the best place for you to pursue your graduate education.

You will be able to upload your Statement of Purpose online through GradApply. Do not submit a paper copy or e-mail your Statement of Purpose to the Admissions Office as it will not be used toward your application.


The Resume or Curriculum Vita is a summary listing of your academic and work background. Submit your Resume online through GradApply. Do not submit a paper copy or e-mail your resume to the admissions office as it will not be used toward your application

Supplemental Application

The programs listed below require a supplemental application in addition to the Graduate School's application. Most supplemental applications require you to respond to specific essay or short answer questions and give information on program prerequisites. 

*Please do not submit your supplemental application until AFTER you have submitted and paid for your graduate application.


The program may require current teaching or nursing licensure for admission. You will have the ability to upload a copy of your license in GradApply. If you will not earn your license prior to the program's application deadline, please inform your processor.

Unofficial Documents

You may include any unofficial documents (unofficial transcripts, unofficial test scores or supplemental items that are not required by the graduate school). GradApply gives you the ability to combine all documents into one file and upload it along with other supplemental items. This item is not required but it is encouraged as many program directors may make preliminary admit decisions based on unofficial documents.

Checklist Requirements Key

When you view your checklist online or receive automated emails regarding the status of your application, any item that does not have "received" beside it is an application item that is still needed by our office. The list below gives a description of the various checklist items. This list is for reference only. All items listed are not required for every program.

Campus Safety Review
Dean of Students Office will need to review your application before the Graduate School can move forward. Once you are reviewed this item will be updated.

$70 Application Fee

Application fee
Professional LicenseProof of licensure in your field required for some applications. Nursing allows licensure outside of NC, contact program for details.

Statement of PurposeThis refers to a Statement of Purpose or Intent

Writing SampleThis also refers to a Statement of Purpose or Intent

Letters of Recommendation required by some programs; when completed a status of "complete" will appear in the "Status" area.

Official College
The required college transcripts are listed here.

Final College TranscriptThis is used to record receipt of a transcript showing that your undergraduate degree was awarded. For Graduate School use only.

Graduate Record ExamRefers to receipt of official scores for the GRE

Miller Analogies TestRefers to receipt of official scores for the MAT

Graduate Management
Admissions Test
Refers to receipt of official scores for the GMAT

Resume This refers to a requirement to submit a resume

Supplemental Application This is a separate application required by your program. Please visit the program website for information.

Unofficial Documents
Unofficial documents are available for submission. If you have unofficial test scores, transcripts, etc. you may upload your unofficial documents. Program directors may accept unofficial documents to make preliminary admit decisions. Please discuss this with your program director.
PortfolioThis refers to a requirement to submit a portfolio.

Note: When a program offers multiple test options for the test score requirement, all test options will be listed until official scores are received by the Graduate School. The additional test options must be removed from your application requirements manually in our office, so please allow several days for the unused options to be removed.