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Students admitted into a graduate program may be awarded financial support in the form of an assistantship.  These programs provide financial support to enable students to focus their research and academic endeavors.  Students must apply for an assistantship and will be selected based on an evaluation of academic records, recommendations, experience, and other relevant criteria.  To qualify for a full-time assistantship, students must be enrolled as a full-time student, and in good academic standing.  Students do not need to be registered in the summer as long as they were full-time in the spring and pre-registered full-time in the fall. To be exempt from FICA tax in the summer, students have to be registered for at least 3 semester hours. A full list of eligibility requirements can be found under the Graduate Assistantship Contract/Terms and Conditions below.

To find out about available assistantship positions within your degree program, please contact your graduate program director.
A limited number of assistantship positions are available in other departments, such as Joyner Library.  These are posted through the Student Employment Office.


Contracts / Forms

For the I9 and other tax forms please visit the Payroll office website.

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