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Graduate Scholar Awards
A limited number of Graduate Scholar Awards are available each year to exceptionally qualified students applying for fall semester enrollment in Master’s degree programs. Students selected for this award receive $4,000 towards tuition & fees per year for a maximum of 2 years, in addition to a full-time graduate assistantship. To be eligible to apply, a student must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.3 and a minimum average GRE verbal & quantitative score of 52 percentile or GMAT or MAT of comparable percentile rank. Doctoral and currently enrolled students are not eligible. Please contact the program director in your area of interest for more information. Graduate program directors apply on behalf of prospective students and notify prospective students at the time an offer of admission is made. Students must notify the program director of their decision to accept or reject the offer of admission and the Graduate Scholar Award in writing (or email) by April 15.
Departmental Awards
Some departments have additional sources of funds available in the form of scholarships and part-time employment for graduate students in their majors. Many faculty members have research grant funds available for hiring graduate research assistants. These often require that the assistant provide up to 20 hours/week of service to the research project. Applicants should contact their major department to check for availability.