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GCEC Meeting Agenda

Graduate Council Executive Committee
Meeting Agenda
Ragsdale 211
November 25, 2013
3:30 - 5:00 pm

1. Call meeting to order

2. Minutes

3. Request for exceptions - One item: Sharepoint link

  • Request for additional time extension - Bill Herring

4. Eligibility of ex offio members of the GC to serve on the GCEC - Paul Schwager

5. New program proposals, requests for support from the Graduate School, concerns about the impacts on existing programs-request for discussion from Paul Gares.

6. Follow-up discussion thesis/dissertation approvals, readers, etc -
Paul Gemperline and Bob Thompson

7. Additional Information on GRE/MAT/GMAT exception request

  • MBA
  • MSW

8. Develop agenda for December 9, 2013 Graduate Council Meeting

  • a. Revised CON graduate faculty criteria

9. Announcements

  • Policy Action Items from Nov GC meeting sent to Academic Council
  • Development of web site templates
  • Launch of online marketing campaign