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Graduate Program Directors and Coordinators
Meeting Agenda

Graduate Program Directors and
Coordinators Meeting Agenda
Mendenhall Student Center 244
October 9, 2013
3:30 - 5:00 pm

1. Call meeting to order

2. Approval of minutes from September 5, 2013

3. Ron Mitchelson, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate
Studies - nominations of graduate students for Phi Kappa Phi membership

4. Financial Aid - Julie Poorman

5. Graduate Student Tuition & Fees Billing & Payments - Debra Bailey

6. Draft Time Limitations statement - discussion/vote

7. SACS 18 hour rule, in-class assessment/evaluation plans and official records for graduate student instructors-of-record

8. Announcements

  • Plus/Mining grading, results-to-date
  • Graduate Recruitment & Enrollment 3-Year Plans - Thank you for submission, and the Graduate School is beginning review
  • Nomination of graduate students for committee work - Thank you! Any new specific additions for the Distinguished Faculty Mentor Award committee, please send also
  • Changes in Program review (see page 4, Procedures for Unit Academic Program Review )
    • Review of capstone or other student products; theses and dissertations will be randomly provided by the Graduate School

9. Next meeting - Monday, November 11, 3- 4:30 PM, MSC 221