Graduate School
Graduate School

The Graduate Graduation Process

Meet with Your Department

You are encouraged to meet with your advisor or department representative at least one semester before graduation. At this meeting, review your Degree Works audit to ensure all degree requirements have been or will be met.

The Degree Works Audit

The purpose of the Degree Works audit is to provide a record of remaining requirements for graduation and to eliminate last minute errors. The catalog and program entered in your Banner student record determine the requirements for graduation that are loaded to your Degree Works audit.

All Graduate Students will be "checked out" for graduation with their Degree Works audit. Graduate summaries will no longer be accepted by Graduation Services as part of the degree and graduate certificate graduation process. The official review of a student's audit will be processed by the Graduation Services office. All students that have applied to graduate will be evaluated. If a student has not applied to graduate he/she WILL NOT BE EVALUATED for Graduation. If there is an error or omission, the student and department will be notified. Questions can be referred to the Graduation Services office at

The final responsibility for meeting all academic requirements for the degree rests with the student.

  • Review the required courses left for degree/certificate completion.
  • List any courses taken for non-degree credit over 9 semester hours on the Request for Transfer Credit form and submit it immediately to the Graduate School.
  • Verify the receipt of transcripts from other Universities to ensure accurate transfer credit. 
  • Check the Academic Policies and Forms page for forms including:
The Graduation Application

The Application for Graduation can be completed online. See directions here (PDF). This should be done one semester before completion of the degree. If you are dual-degree, you will have to submit two separate applications for each degree you will be receiving.


Visit  Commencement website to reserve your seat for graduation and to check for important announcements.