Division of Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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FINA: Finance

6144. Financial Management I (3)
P: ACCT 6241; OMGT 6123. Financial manager’s role in financial planning, acquisition of funds, and social, ethical, and governmental aspects of national and international financial decision making.
6204. Analysis of the Business Economic Environment (3)
P: OMGT 6123. Concepts, theories, and analytical tools of micro and macroeconomic theory and their application in understanding the economic, social, and legal environment in which businesses operate.
6214. Government Regulation of Business (3)
P: Consent of assistant dean for graduate programs. Legal process and government’s role played in public regulation of business enterprise. Covers judicial system, contract and sales law, business associations, antitrust, securities regulation, employment law, and trade regulation.
6604. Financial Management II (3)
P: ACCT 6221 or FINA 6144. Financial management decision techniques as applicable to complex domestic and international business.
6624. Investment Management (3)
P: FINA 6144. Conceptual and analytical framework for formulating investment policies, analyzing investment alternatives, and constructing portfolio strategies for individuals and institutions.
6654. Commercial Bank Financial Management (3)
P: FINA 6144. Conceptual and analytical framework for management of commercial banks.
6814. Management of Financial Risk (3)
P: FINA 6144. Analysis of risk environment of corporations through advanced analytical tools and models.
6824. Portfolio Theory, Construction and Management (3)
For students considering careers in portfolio management. P: FINA 6144. Portfolio optimization, asset allocation, performance evaluation, and market efficiency issues from perspective of professional portfolio manager. Extensive use of spreadsheet software.
6854. Real Estate Investments and Analysis (3)
P: FINA 6144. Relationships among real estate, financial, and investor communities. Includes markets, location, financial and investments analysis, and taxation.
6874. Topics in Finance (3)
P: FINA 6144. Selected topics.
6876. International Financial Management (3)
P: FINA 6144. Financing of international trade and investments. Topics include international monetary system and banking, exchange rates and money markets, and international long-term investment and financial management.
6904. Mutual Fund Management and Operations (3)
P: FINA 6624 or FINA 6824 or consent of assistant dean for graduate programs. Structure and regulatory environment of investment companies and investment company securities (i.e. mutual funds).
6914. Portfolio Management and Operations Practicum (3)
P: FINA 6824; P/C FINA 6904 or consent of assistant dean for graduate programs. Hands-on professional investment management. Students will be responsible for the day-to-day management and operations of actual and hypothetical investment portfolios.