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Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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MGMT: Management

6102. Comparative Management (3)
Management concepts and manager’s responsibilities to stakeholders. Emphasis on impact of international competition.
6322. International Management (3)
P: MGMT 6102. Intensive examination of management of organizations in global economy.
6500, 6510, 6520. Independent Study (3,3,3)
P: MGMT 6102. Intensive study of selected subject in greater depth than achieved in other courses offered by school.
6682. Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation (3)
P: MGMT 6102. Theories and processes of negotiation and conflict resolution as practiced in a variety of organizational settings.
6722. Strategic Management (3)
P/C: ACCT 6521, FINA 6604, MGMT 6802, MKTG 6822, OMGT 6613, 6883. Concept of policy making and viewpoint of management. Integration of business organization in decision making and formulation of plans to achieve objectives.
6802. Organizational Behavior (3)
P: MGMT 6102. Managing and understanding individuals and groups in organizational environment. Motivation, communication, leadership, group process, and diversity in work place.
6812. Entrepreneurship (3)
P: FINA 6144; MGMT 6102; MKTG 6162. Conceptualization, initiation, and management of new enterprises with consideration of opportunities and associated risks.
6822. Business and Society (3)
P: MGMT 6102. Implications of management decisions in broader scope of antitrust legislation, regulation by government, value systems, and ethics.
6832. Human Resources (3)
P: MGMT 6102. Skills and techniques used in building and maintaining an effective work force.