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Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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MKTG: Marketing

6162. Marketing Management (3)
Definitions, concepts, practices, and analytical tools used to market goods and services. Environmental variables, e.g., legal, social, ethical, cultural, ecological, and technological issues and marketing’s role within profit and nonprofit organizations.
6642. Marketing Research (3)
P: MKTG 6162; OMGT 6123. Methods, techniques, and procedures of marketing research. Emphasis on various methods of acquiring information for marketing management decision making. Major group project or case is required.
6652. Seminar in Marketing (3)
P: MKTG 6162. Selected topics.
6662. Electronic Markets (3)
P: MKTG 6162; MIS 6143. Examines processes necessary to integrate a website into an organization’s strategic plan and the basics of the Internet. Focuses on strategic application of website to enhance corporate profit, serve customers, and market organization. Considers how various types of hardware, software, and telecommunications enable and support integrated, e business processes in an organization. Covers improvement, enhancement, and promotion of the site, including registering with search engines and directories.
6752. Advertising and Promotion Strategy (3)
P: MKTG 6162. Effective integrated marketing communication strategies for organizations.
6762. Business-to-Business Marketing (3)
P: MKTG 6162. Marketing mix design for business customers, emphasizing purchasing decisions, inter-firm relationships, the roles of supply chain and value-added activities in profitability, and value communication.
6822. Marketing Strategy (3)
P: ACCT 6521; MKTG 6162. Market analysis and strategy formulation. Emphasis on application of marketing concepts to variety of organizations.
6842. Consumer Behavior (3)
P: MKTG 6162. Current theory and research in consumer behavior used to develop marketing strategy for profit and nonprofit businesses. Applications of consumer behavior to social marketing.
6992. Global Marketing (3)
P: MKTG 6162. Marketing decision-making, strategy development, and operational performance of firms involved in international business.

OMGT: Operations Management

6123. Quantitative Methods (3) Formerly DSCI 6123
Basic quantitative concepts and their applications to decision models.
6213. Operations and Supply Chain Management (3) Formerly DSCI 6213
P: MIS 6143; OMGT 6123. Design, operations and improvement of systems that produce a firm’s products and services; management of supply chains; application of conceptual and quantitative techniques.
6333. Project Management (3)
P: OMGT 6123. Concepts and technology of project management as applicable to wide range of business and technical situations. Focus on behavioral and organizational aspects as well as quantitative methods and computer systems in project management.
6383. Supply Chain Systems (3)
P: OMGT 6213. Application of technology to three key aspects of a supply chain’s competitive advantage: product design, product demand estimation, and supply chain systems analysis.
6493. Quality Management (3)
P: OMGT 6213. Quality management principles and application in business enterprises and global supply chains.
6613. Management Science (3) Formerly DSCI 6613
P: OMGT 6213. Methods and models used in application of management science to managerial and organizational decision-making. Emphasis on deterministic models. Topics include decision theory, mathematical programming, network models, and deterministic simulation.
6683. Statistical Methods (3) Formerly DSCI 6683
P: OMGT 6123. Multiple correlation and regression, forecasting, analysis of variance, and selected nonparametric statistical techniques. Application project.
6743. Logistics and Materials Management (3)
P: OMGT 6213. Management and movement of goods and services to support supply chain management.
6763. Strategic Supply Chain Management (3)
P: OMGT 6213. Concepts in supply chain management and its role in global markets. Analyzes supply chains, creating supplier networks, and evaluating the performance of a supply chain.
6943. Topics in Operations Management (3)
P: OMGT 6213