Division of Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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CMGT: Construction Management

5503. Independent Study: Construction (3)
May be repeated for credit with consent of chair. Research oriented. Problem solving with tools, materials, and processes of construction industry.
6600. Critical Analysis and Evaluation of Construction Documentation (3)
P: Acceptance into the MCM program. Methods of critically analyzing project data associated with construction design, process application, and project control problems and formulating logical solutions through a variety of documentation sources.
6610. Advanced Computer Applications in Construction (3)
P/C: CMGT 6600. Understanding emerging computing and information technologies in construction management and engineering.
6620. Human Resources and Training (3)
P: CMGT 6600. Study of human resources in construction business environments; the theories of human behavior and how it is influenced by leadership, organization, environment, motivation, and culture.
6630. Advanced Applications in Construction Scheduling (3)
P: CMGT 6600. Managing construction scheduling, project control, and strategic planning and analysis of single and multiple projects.
6640. Land Use Management and Development (3)
P: CMGT 6600. Principles and practice of site planning and infrastructure design for large urban developments, with relevant aspects of land use theory and implications for site planning.
6650. Global Management of Construction (3)
P: CMGT 6600. Special problems and procedures related to international construction projects; impact of social, cultural, legal, and financial aspects of international contracting; logistics of labor, materials, and equipment in a foreign environment.
6660. Quality Control Systems (3)
P: CMGT 6600. Developing and implementing methods of controlling and evaluating quality control in all processes of construction.
6662. Legal Implications of Design and Construction (3)
P: CMGT 6600. Risk liability in construction industry, contract case law, tort law, negligence, products liability, and role of liability insurance and professional liability of designers and building contractors.
6664. Advanced Cost Estimating/Cost Analysis (3)
Incorporates emerging estimating and cost control measures in construction industry. Conceptual and definitive estimating, cost developing, cost analysis methods, project delivery implications, international work implications, and computer applications and modeling.
6670. Special Topics in Construction (3)
P: Consent of chair. Exploration and research in personal areas of interest.
6700. Research Capstone Seminar (3)
P: CMGT 6610; consent of instructor. Provides graduate students in construction management an opportunity to conduct independent study and research for the non-thesis master’s degree program.