Division of Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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GERO: Gerontology

5400. Seminar in Aging Studies (3) Same as CDFR 5400; SOCW 5400
Entry point for graduate certificate in gerontology; exit course for undergraduate minor in gerontology. P: Consent of instructor. Topics include historical perspective on aging issues, normal aging and pathology, aging program administration, aging policy development, research in gerontology, rural aging, and aging and ethnicity.
5903. Readings in Aging Studies (3) Same as CDFR 5903; SOCW 5903
May count maximum of 3 s.h. toward baccalaureate minor in GERO or graduate certificate in GERO. P: Consent of instructor and chair of instructor’s home unit. Selected readings from monographs or journals. Focus on specialized areas in which student has taken one or more courses in either baccalaureate gerontology minor or graduate gerontology certificate.
6022. Perspectives on Death and Dying (3) Same as SOCW 6022
Interdisciplinary exploration of issues related to death, dying and bereavement.
6100. Aging and Health (3) Same as SOCI 6100 and MPH 6100
P: Consent of instructor or director of the Center on Aging. Analysis of behavioral, social, and cultural influences on the health status of older adults and intervention strategies.
6222. Group Work with the Aged (3) Same as SOCW 6222
P: Graduate School admission. Case management, group work, and other techniques and approaches used in working with older people.
6600. Practicum in Aging Studies (3)
Requires 130 hours per semester with an agency or organization providing institutional, community based, or in-home services to older adults.