Division of Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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HUMS: Medical Humanities

7004. Ethics and Research: Humanities and Basic Medical Sciences (2) Same as GRAD 7004 and NURS 7004
May not receive credit for both GRAD 7004 and HUMS 7004. Identifies some philosophical, moral, political, legal, and social issues associated with scientific research. Explores relationship between moral, legal, professional, social, and institutional responsibilities of working scientist. Develops critical skills for understanding and evaluating arguments, claims, and policies pertaining to moral, political, legal, and social aspects of research.

IRHE: Interdisciplinary Rural Health Education

6000. Introduction to Interdisciplinary Virtual Team Work (3)
Provides foundation for acquisition of knowledge and skills in interdisciplinary virtual health care team communications and functions within clinical and community environments.
6100. The Clinical Consulting Team (3)
Employs health care professionals knowledge and skills of health care team function. Prepares health care professionals to examine models for clinical consultation, formulate, and serve as clinical consultant team within rural environments.
6300. Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Theory (3)
Concepts and models that inform interdisciplinary/ interprofessional health care theory and practice.