Division of Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Geography

Burell Montz, Professor and Chair
(PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder)
Graduate Faculty
Thomas Allen, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Jennifer Brewer, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Clark University)
Thomas W. Crawford, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Scott Curtis, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Wisconsin)
Rosana Nieto-Ferreira, Assistant Professor
(BS, MA, University of São Paulo; PhD, Colorado State University)
Paul A. Gares, Professor
(PhD, Rutgers University)
Holly Hapke, Associate Professor
(PhD, Syracuse University)
Misun Hur, Assistant Professor
(BS, GyeongSang National University; MCRP, PhD, Ohio State University)
Scott A. Lecce, Professor
(PhD, University of Wisconsin)
Deirdre M. Mageean, Professor
(PhD, Open University)
Daniel Marcucci, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Pennsylvania)
Ron Mitchelson, Professor
(PhD, Ohio State University)
Anuradha Mukherji, Assistant Professor
(Dip., Center for Environmental Planning and Technology; MS, Texas A&M University; PhD, University of California, Berkeley)
Karen Mulcahy, Teaching Assistant Professor
(PhD, City University of New York)
E. Jeffrey Popke, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Kentucky)
Tom Rickenbach, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Colorado State University)
Hong-Bing Su, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of California, Davis)
Tracy Van Holt, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Florida)
Yong Wang, Professor
(PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara)
Thad Wasklewicz, Associate Professor
(BS, Plymouth State College; MA, PhD, Arizona State University)
Jerry Weitz, Associate Professor
(BA, Emory University; MCP, Georgia Institute of Technology; PhD, Portland State University)
Mulatu Wubneh, Professor
(PhD, Florida State University)
Associate Graduate Faculty
Huili, Hao, Research Associate
(PhD, University of North Carolina, Charlotte)