Division of Academic Affairs
Graduate Catalog 2012-13

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Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Geological Sciences

Stephen Culver, Professor and Chair
(DSc, University of Wales)
Graduate Faculty
D. Reide Corbett, Professor
(PhD, Florida State University)
Adriana Heimann Rios, Assistant Professor
(PhD, Iowa State University)
Eric Horsman, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Wisconsin)
Eduardo Leorri, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of the Basque Country (Spain)
David J. Mallinson, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of South Florida)
Alex Manda, Assistant Professor
(PhD, University of Massachusetts)
Richard Miller, Professor
(PhD, North Carolina State University)
Siddhartha Mitra, Associate Professor
(PhD, College of William and Mary)
Donald W. Neal, Associate Professor
(PhD, West Virginia University)
Michael O’Driscoll, Associate Professor
(PhD, Pennsylvania State University)
Stanley R. Riggs, Professor
(PhD, University of Montana)
Catherine A. Rigsby, Professor
(PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz)
Richard K. Spruill, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
J.P. Walsh, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of Washington)
Terri L. Woods, Associate Professor
(PhD, University of South Florida)