Term Term DatesApplication Deadline Tuition due date 
 Spring Semester 2018January 8 - April 26 Within U.S.: December 15
Outside U.S.: December 1
January 22
 Full Summer Session 2018May 21 - August 10Within U.S.: May 1
Outside U.S.: April 15 
May 25 
 Fall Semester 2018August 20 - December 5 Within U.S.: August 1
Outside U.S.: July 15 
August 31 


Students on scholarship are responsible for notifying their funding agencies of relevant dates above. 

Students who have not paid their tuition in full by the paid-up deadline cannot attend class until tuition payment is made. 

Applications for on-campus housing should be made approximately three months prior to the start of the semester. Students are encourage to apply as early as possible, since obtaining a U.S. visa may take longer than anticipated. 

Applicants are encouraged to apply for conditional admission to ECU at the same time they apply to ECULA.