International Collaboration

ECU recognizes two forms of international agreement. A Memorandum of Understanding is a broad acknowledgement that the signatories have formed an official relationship and commits the signatories to investigate more specific activities that will lead to mutual benefit, without binding the parties to any particular actions. A Memorandum of Agreement is a more explicit document that details specific activities that will take place between the parties.

Memorandum of Understanding

Many types of activities can be included in a Memorandum of Agreement. The table below is a non-exhaustive list of potential international partnership activities to consider.

I.    Teaching

  1. Student Exchange
    • Courses
    • Internships
    • Service learning projects
  2. Study Abroad Groups
    • Faculty-led programs
    • Intensive language training
  3. Sharing Students
    • Linked courses
    • Jointly supervised graduate students
    • Provision of online courses 
    • Dual degree programs
    • Graduate program recruiting
  4. Sharing resources/knowledge
    • Faculty exchange (for teaching purposes)
    • Faculty development workshops (pedagogy)
    • Educational or cultural materials/activities
    • Curriculum development

II.  Research and Outreach

  1. Sharing Resources
    • Faculty exchange (for research/outreach purposes)
      • Short-term visits
      • Sabbaticals
      • Fulbright program
    • Library or technical resources
    • Access to facilities
  2. Activities
    • Faculty development workshops (technical)
    • Jointly sponsored conferences or sessions within conferences
    • Faculty-level research/outreach collaborations (1-to-1)
      • Co-authorship
      • Concept paper development
      • Joint proposal development
    • Institution-level research/outreach collaborations
      • Funded proposals requiring team building/complementarity
      • Funded proposals requiring local contacts or context

 III.  Administrative/Institutional

  • Sharing Knowledge
    • Institutional assessment
    • Enrollment management
    • Fundraising
    • Alumni relations
    • Sponsored Programs Administration
    • Internationalization
    • Leadership development
    • Student services