Other Initiatives   

Global Academic Initiatives supports a number of co-curricular programs and initiatives to enhance student and faculty access to collaborative, international opportunities. 

Global Partners in Education (GPE) is a membership organization managed by GAI that consists of the international institutions that participate in the Global Understanding Course and other GAI/GPE initiatives. GPE holds an annual conference at a partner institution each year. Every five years, it is held at East Carolina University. 

WorldWise is a student organization whose mission is to collaborate with students around the world to promote diversity and acceptance; awareness and engagement; confidence and empathy; passion and purpose. 

Global Disc
In the Global Discussions program, GAI partners with the office of student transitions and EducationUSA to provide an opportunity for first semester freshmen to discuss college life with high school students around the world who want to come to the U.S. for university.

GPE World
GPE World is a series of interactive story maps that students at ECU and abroad can use to explore the countries where we have partner institutions.

Global Issues
Global Issues is an on-line student research conference that is organized in collaboration with Krosno State College in Krosno in Poland. Over the course of one week, students at ECU and GPE partner institutions present their original research and are then able to discuss it with their peers and faculty from around the world. 

GPE Journal
Global Partners in Education Journal is a peer reviewed, on-line journal that focuses on research and best practices related to multi-institutional collaboration in global education. GPE Journal is currently on hiatus, but does publish special issues. 

For more information, contact Jami Leibowitz