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Military Outreach

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Military Outreach

ECU at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Wayne Community College and East Carolina University, as part of our commitment to serve the military community in North Carolina, bring the quality of two of the nation's leading higher education systems to the doorsteps of Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.
Deployments and transfers are part of everyday life in the military. On-line degree programs allow service members to continue their studies when deployed which gives them the freedom to achieve their academic goals while meeting the responsibilities of a career and family. The faculty members who teach these courses are the same professors that teach the courses on the campus. Distance education students get a broad prospective by being in classes with other students from all walks of life.
The State of North Carolina offers In-State tuition to service members and their families who qualify for admission to ECU while the member of the armed services is stationed in North Carolina incident to active military duty in this state. In the event the active duty member of the armed services is reassigned outside of North Carolina, In-State tuition is applicable so long as the service member is continuously enrolled in the institution and academic program in which he or she was enrolled at the time of reassignment. For information about the In-State tuition application, click here.
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Personnel are available to assist you with all your educational needs from beginning a two year associate degree at WCC to completing a four year baccalaureate degree or graduate degree at ECU.

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

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Undergraduate Degree Completion Programs
Choose from a variety of programs that encompass business, education, health care, technology and computers. The distance education undergraduate degree programs at ECU are online degree completion programs. Students complete the first two years of college courses at Wayne Community College. Upon nearing completion of these courses, you should apply to ECU and have your transcripts evaluated by the admissions office. To view a list of programs click here.
Graduate Degrees
Pursuing a graduate degree? With few exceptions these degree programs can be completed entirely on-line. To view a list of programs click here.