Education and Training Offerings

If you would like to request a training listed below, complete the form below. If you are looking for a training that is not listed below, let us know.

Understanding Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace

The goal of this training is to educate employees on how to understand and apply employment discrimination and harassment laws. This 2-hour training introduces many of the basic harassment and discrimination concepts, which includes education about Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Laws, Protected Classes, workplace discrimination and harassment as well as issues concerning the value and management of diversity.

Title IX Education

We offer many educational sessions about Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and cater the material to the specific audience. If you would like to request a session for your department or your students, please complete the Training Request Form.

Title IX: How "Responsible" Am I?

The goal of this training is to educate Responsible Employees about their responsibilities at the University and the overall importance of reporting and identifying sexual misconduct.

Title IX: On and Off Campus

The goal of this training is to provide university employees with the knowledge of how to report and identify sexual misconduct and the resources available.

Student Employees and Title IX

The difference in presentation for this group is that we aim to reach the students so that they know about the tools and tips needed to appropriately prevent, report and identify sexual misconduct on and off campus.

Title IX 101 for Responsible Students

This training is facilitated in partnership with the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. The session may be catered to suit the needs of any particular group such as Resident Advisers and student members of the Conduct Board.

Protected Classes: Defined

The goal of this training is to educate university employees about discrimination and harassment issues related to the protected classes defined in East Carolina University policies. These trainings introduce the basic concepts of the Protected Classes at the federal, state and university levels. The trainings also explain how workplace discrimination and harassment can apply to each Protected Class. The request of this session is unique as it may be catered to suit the needs of any particular group by including in depth explanations of the Protected Classes that need attention.

Unpacking Bias in Personnel Decisions

The goal of this training is to talk about the natural biases, which have developed over the course of our lifetimes and how to overcome them for the betterment of the University's diverse environment. This training gives participants the opportunity to explore their personal biases and how they may affect their participation in employment, recruitment and tenure decisions. Participants will be given the tools to address their own biases and offer an equitable search process for all applicants.

Creating a Strategic Recruitment and Outreach Plan

The goal of this training is to educate search committees and hiring authorities about the importance in strategically planning how positions will be advertised to best ensure recruitment and outreach efforts will generate a well-populated, diverse pool of qualified applicants. To compete for diverse candidates, search committees must do more than simply issue a job announcement and wait for resumes or curriculum vitas to appear.

Discovering Bias in the Workplace

The goal of this training is to help participants acknowledging personal biases and to take action in creating a more harmonious workplace. This training introduces participants to bias, discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Participants will develop tools and resources for responding to bias and discrimination and harassment formally and informally.

Equal Employment Opportunity Institute Training (EEOI)

OED offers the mandated Equal Employment Opportunity Institute Training EEOI Level 1 course for University supervisors and managers. The state-developed training focuses on equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws, workplace harassment and discrimination, as well as issues concerning the value and management of diversity. The goal of this training is to educate supervisors and managers on how to understand and apply employment discrimination laws in management decisions; assess personal biases and understand the effect of prejudice and stereotyping on employment decisions; as well as creating an action plan to improve or incorporate employment practices that establish fairness, equity and consistency.

The following educational modules are offered through the university's Cornerstone site for faculty and staff. Student employees are to complete the material through Blackboard.

Preventing Discrimination and Sexual Violence

Our office offers this educational module to educate the ECU community about sexual assault, sex discrimination, Title IX, Campus SaVE Act and other related terms and regulations. This module is mandatory for all employees to complete every five years.

EPA Search Committee Recruitment and Selection Training

Members serving on search committees, formed to recruit and select new EPA Employees, are required to complete this training every two years.

EEO Laws and Discrimination Prevention

Discrimination in the workplace can be harmful to our inclusive and welcoming environment at ECU. This educational module is designed to provide education about prohibited behavior and discrimination. This is valid for two years and replaces former training offered through emTrain.

Unlawful Harassment Prevention

Harassment is also seen as prohibited behavior at ECU. This training is provided to educate the community about why harassment compromises the community and how you can protect yourself from such behavior. This is valid for two years and replaces former training offered through emTrain. 



Our office sponsors Diversity Seminars on different topics to continuously encourage and support development of diversity and inclusion in a variety of ways. Those who attend the seminars qualify to apply for a corresponding Mini-Grant.

The next seminar, "Faculty and Staff Mentoring: Cultivating Diversity and Excellence" will take place from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Mendenhall Student Center on April 8, 2015. More information is located on our News and Events page.

Books and videos in our Equity and Diversity Collection highlight a range of topics including social psychology, racial, cultural, leadership, workplace and historical diversity.

Located in Old Cafeteria Complex, suite G-406 and is accessible from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. If you want to check out materials or check on material availability, contact the office by email or phone.

ECU faculty and staff may borrow up to two items for a period of two weeks and accept responsibility for all materials. If you need additional time, please contact the office. An overdue notice will be sent after three weeks.

The Diversity Education Collective (DEC) is a cross-campus collective collective of professionals working to educate the university community about diversity, communication and conflict. DEC will consist of a variety of training offerings to educate the university community members about different behaviors that may be harmful to the positive and inclusive workplace environment. 

Bridging our Cultural Differences

This is the first training to be offered through the DEC. The training will provide participants with the opportunity to explore the depth of their biases, cultural differences and communication barriers that could create conflicts in the workplace. Participants will practice skills acquired from the training and learn how to use these new skills to create a more harmonious workplace environment.

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