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In order to recruit the highest quality doctoral students and post-doctoral scholars to support our significant and growing research enterprise.  East Carolina University offers health insurance to all post-doctoral scholars at no charge.  Additionally, scholars can also opt to have their dependents covered under this health insurance plan for a fee.  To quality for this benefit, post-doctoral scholars must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be on an active post-doctoral assignment of at least .75 FTE paid through the university payroll system.
  • Post-docs covered under another health insurance plan may decline coverage; international post-doctoral scholars must meet federal requirements in order to decline coverage.

Important: All J-1 exchange visitors are required to have medical insurance in effect for themselves for the duration of their exchange program, and for accompanying spouse and dependents while they are in United States during the exchange visitor's program. Exchange visitors are required to have: (1) medical benefits of at least $100,000 per accident or illness; (2) repatriation of remains in the amount of U.S. $25,000; and (3) expenses associated with medical evacuation in the amount of U.S. $50,000. A policy secured to fulfill the insurance requirements shall not have a deductible that exceeds U.S. $500 per accident or illness, and must meet other standards specified in the Exchange Visitor Program regulations, 22 CFR Part 62.14. If you choose to decline the post-doctoral insurance, then you will need to purchase alternative insurance through Geoblue.  Please contact the Office of Global Affairs at via phone at +1(252) 328-1938 or email ( for more information.

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