General Registration Information

Preparing to Register

Prior to registration, each undergraduate student develops a schedule containing no more than 18 hours of primary courses and a list of alternate courses. (each summer session can not exceed seven hours of courses).

Students must meet with his/her advisor for course approval as indicated by the advisor's signature on the registration form or with the receipt of a registration pin number.

All special permissions (e.g., extra hours, majors only courses, Dean/Chairperson's permissions, etc.) for course registration must be secured in writing and may only be entered by the Office of the Registrar or the Academic Department.

Registration Pin Number

Each semester students receive a registration pin number to register for classes on Banner.

It is recommended that the registration pin number be written on the registration form so each student will have the proper documentation to register.

Graduates and non-degree students do not require a registration pin number to register.

Registering for Courses

Currently enrolled students may use Banner Self Service through Pirate Port to register for courses.

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