Final Grade Reporting

All grades must be submitted electronically via Banner Self Service by the date identified on the Academic Calendar.  Any grades that are not entered in Banner Self Service at that time, will receive a grade of “NR”.  Please see Faculty Senate Resolution #08-58 if you have any questions about NR grades.

The following instructions are provided to you, to aid you in completing your grade submission online. Download the step by step tutorial for additional help (click here).

  • Go to Pirate Port
  • Log in, using your pirate id and password – the same you use to access your email account
  • Click on the Banner Self Service widget in Pirate Port 
  • This will bring up a session of Banner Self Service. If it does not, please make sure that all pop up blockers are disabled for this site and try again.
  • You will be on the Main Menu page. Click on the Faculty and Advisor link on the main menu.
  • This will take you to a page, with a drop down box, for you to select the term for which you are assigning grades and select submit
  • Click on the Final Grades option
  • This will take you to a page, with a drop down box, for you to select the course that you are ready to assign grades to
  •    Select the course from the drop down menu, and click submit that you are ready to grade that course
  • This will bring up your course roster and a drop down box to select the grade for each student.  You must enter the last date the student attended/participated in the course if you are assigning an F, using the MM/DD/YYYY format.  If the student stopped attending/participating, please enter the last date of attendance.  If they never attended/participated in your course, please enter the last date attended as the first day of the term.
  • When the students you have grades ready for are complete, please click the submit button.  You may submit a partial class roster.
  • If you have a large roster, that will take longer than 30 minutes to submit, please click the submit button periodically, as Banner Self Service times out after 30 minutes of inactivity. You can click submit multiple times on the same course roster, even if not all grades have been entered.
  • After you have entered the grades, this course roster will not “disappear” from your list, until after grades are rolled to academic history (grades will be rolled to academic history daily at 8 a.m., and at more frequent intervals as the grade entry deadline approaches). If you have any grade changes that need to be made, you may go back into Banner Self Service and make those changes prior to the roll to academic history. Once grades have been rolled, and are not available for entry, you must submit a change of grade/removal of incomplete via the new automated link in Banner Self Service.
  •   **IMPORTANT** – If you need to enter additional rosters for the same semester, select “CRN Selection” at the bottom of the last roster you completed. This will take you back to the drop down menu of your courses for the term.
  •   All grades are due by the date identified on the Academic Calendar. The process that assigns a grade of NR for missing grades, updates academic standing, and that calculates GPA, will begin at that time.

Attention faculty teaching a thesis or dissertation course:  Letter grades of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) will be assigned at the end of each semester by the professor of record, as approved by the Graduate Administrative Board April 26, 2010.  You must enter a grade for these students, or a grade of NR will be assigned for you.

Change of Grade

If you need to change a grade after grades have rolled to academic history, you must submit an official change of grade via Banner Self Service (tutorial).  Prior to grades rolling to history, you can change a grade via the regular grading function in Banner Self Service.  Grade changes made after grades have rolled to academic history are not reflected on the course roster in Self Service; grade changes are reflected on the individual student’s academic record.